How's the performance of Core Xeon?

Hey guys,

I am having the opportunity to take an old server with 2x Core Xeon E5-2623 V3 (Haswell), 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM, and add 2x 2TB nvme ssd.

I am wondering if anyone has a similar setup and could share how many plots per day you’re achieving?

Many thanks!

its good machine, i saw someone use older gen xeon pump out 13 plot/day with about 5 or 6 hdd attached to the machine. cpu and ram is good enough.

not sure you can do some translate on youtube but he got spreadsheet on screen

Thanks bud, ill have a look!

I am plotting on dual xeon 2440 right now with 96gigs of ram and the performance is quite horrible tbh.
yours should be better, but the low frequence the xenons are running ruining the plot speed.

i need about 20 hrs for a plot on a 970 evo plus and wd sn550 nvme and 21-22hrs on a exos raid0 hardware raid with a perc 710 mini controller.

but - if you do a bit of experimenting these things can plot many plots in parralel, so thats a big plus. even with the low frequence i am plotting about 12-18 plots a day… but there are definitely more efficient ways of plotting.

damn, that’s terrible af…
I watched this guy video here Budget chia farming build (40 plots per day!) - YouTube and he claims that with a Dell Precision T5810 and a Xeon e5-2699 v3 and 2x2TB m2.nvme he’s getting 40 plots PER DAY!


The e5-2699 does have 18 cores/362 threads though Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2699 v3 (45M Cache, 2.30 GHz) Product Specifications

Seems doable to me.

1 plot per core is fine if you have the I/O to match since much of the process is single-threaded. With 2x2TB NVMe, you probably do. 2.3GHz Haswell cores are slow compared to modern high-clockrate CPUs, but not that much slower.

okay, i hope that video is not full of BS coz I am really considering buying all that gear haah

could be doable, yes, i did not watched that video but you should try that out and have a look at the io operation limit of the m2, that will be your limiting factor.

your xeon is way faster than mine and has more threads, so that could work.
expect high plot times but many plots in parralel. maybe this would make it out.

you should consider to use some hard drives and make a raid if that is possible, my raid0 is only a bit slower than my m2, and my cpu is my limiting factor, so that could work for you too.

i am plotting with 4 temp drives right now, 2x raid0 with 2x exos 12tb and 2x nvme with pcie adapter

and you will need a solution for the noise of the server if its a rack mount :smiley:

it’s going to be running under my house, problem solved! ahaha

why is your raid0 only a bit slower than the m2? shouldn’t the m2 be so much faster?

did that too, but the vibrations are louder than i expected from our server room, i hear it in the whole house… actually i build a case with sound dampening material for it :smiley:

these are consumer nvme’s with the cache problem, when the cache is full they are doing 1 gb/s, the raid is doing the same consistently.

lol, dang, this lound? okay, thanks ill keep that in mind.
and, yes, i want to buy a high quality nvme, hopefully it won’t be filling the cache up too easy.

better buy one with no cache at all.

dont know which server you have, but i could regulate my fanspeeds via idrac if it would be working, 12th poweredge idrac issue… my temps are around 40-60°C with 100% load, so much regulation would not be possible anyway.

let me know what your plot speeds will be.

how much final storage do you plan to have?

I didnt buy the server yet, still trying to assess if it’s a good idea or not. But think I will buy it.
It will be a Dell Precision T5810

Honestly storage will be my biggest issue. HDD prices here in Australia are absolutely insane.
I think ill have to settle at 200TB only :frowning:

ah i think the tower server is not that loud as the rack mountable brother.

200tb is not tiny, i have 100tb laying around here waiting to be plotted…

so whats your prices there? just curious how it compares to germany ^^

the 14TB is at AU$500 and 16tb and 18tb is nowhere to be seen. Cant find it anywhere

Yes, the generational comparison is here

thank you, i had read your post before.
I am having the opportunity to buy a Haswell Xeon so based on your post, it won’t be good enough.
The interesting though is that the YT video I posted earlier, the guy claims he plots 40/day, which is definitely good enough for me if I could achieve thhat.