HP Servers for budget plotting

I have made a few posts over the last few days of my experiments with Old HP servers:

I think I am going to keep my server which does 30 min plots! But it is time to get rid of the other ones.

I have put one of the G7s on ebay: HP ProLiant DL360 G7 Server Dual E5645 144GB 4 x 600GB SAS (633777-421) – Chia | eBay

Let me know if you are interested in that or any other HP server hardware. The biggest problem with these is the size so shipping is a pain - even getting packaging big enough is a problem, so ideally you need to be UK based and even better middle of the UK!

I also have servers from 10 years ago with hex cores etc. Some I7 pc’s that when you run 3 plots its like choking them :slight_smile: But we tinker… and make some plots.

This is the way to go, my main plotter which can do 20 minute plots is a Dell R620 with dual E5-2670 and about 384GB ram. Its noisy and uses a fair chunk of electricity but fills hard drives with plots.

I have listed one of the faster ones now as well:

This is a DL360 G9 with 192GB and 36 threads and can do a plot in 40 mins.