Hpool client stopped working after found a portable plot

I am running hpool-miner on one of my farmers for my old gen plots and started replacing some of my old gen plots with portable plots without farming them with the official chia client.
After the first portable plot was generated and the hpool-miner scanned the directory where the new portable plot was located, farming the old gen plots completely stopped working.
I moved the new portable plots to their own subdirectory and restarted the hpool-miner and it worked again.

Here are the related log entries:

time="2021-07-09T17:15:40+08:00" level=info msg="scan chia plot directory: /mnt/farm/03" file=loggers.go func=logging.CPrint line=168 tid=8
time="2021-07-09T17:15:43+08:00" level=info msg="Logger Configuration." fields.level=info file=loggers.go func=logging.Init line=121 path=./log/
time="2021-07-09T17:15:47+08:00" level=info msg="switch line" chain=CHIA file=loggers.go func=logging.CPrint line=168 tid=12 type=ws url="wss://chia-sz2-2448f44696.hpool.com/x-proxynode/ws"

The new portable plot was located in /mnt/farm/03.

So never put your new portable plots in directories that are farmed by hpool-miner.
It makes more sense to move the new portable plots into their own directories anyway…


Tnx didnt even notice that.

It seemes to keep working when i look online. But in the terminal it was just stuck on “invalid plot”

For me the last two log lines are repeated endlessly and on the hpool web ui it showed as offline…