Hpool income info for 2000+ plots

Can anyone guide me what to expect with 2000+ plots from Hpool? I looked in the calculator, but I want someone with real experience. Thanks in advance!

I’m currently at 1500 plots and growing, getting about 0.036 chia/day .


Super easy, right now today its 0.015 per 500 plots, so your 2,000 would earn 0.06, or one xch every 16 days

I know this because I do it, right now that is my payout per 500 plots

better deal is to do FLAX, I’m getting 0.5 per 500 plots daily, and in the future flax will be worth more than chia, because flax is bug free, and chia is bug heaven

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Use chiacalculator for base line and discount 25% for fake plots and double farming effects.

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I am on HPool and currently sitting at 2608 plots. Yesterday I made 0.06530134 XCH. I do my withdrawals every Friday.


How can flax be more stable than chia? Flax didn’t improved the forked chia code base…


The payout they list on their frontpage is accurate.

Just changes along with the netspace growth

hpool.co change their web again?

Seems that the frontpage doesn’t work. HPOOL 全球知名PoC硬盘哈希池 directly works for me.
Also income has been settled this morning too.

0.06 is too high, something around 0.046 would be more realistic.

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This is what I’ve been getting with just over 1500 plots

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