Hpool now requires manual new account review?

From now on, for the newly registered HPOOL account after 16:00 on May 22, 2021, the application for CHIA mine pool computing force signature binding must be approved. The resumption time of the automatic audit will be announced later.

Hi guys! What does it mean exactly ? Can someone explain ?

i think you will not find that answer here.

hpool is not supported by this forum

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More specifically, hpool is a disaster, both for the security of the users and also for the health of the network in general.

Do not use hpool. Wait for the real pools to be released, and then join a real pool. Should happen in the next few weeks.


Sounds to me like they are disabling automatic account activation for new joiners, and all new account applications will be manually reviewed. Likely due to a lot of fraud and “double-farming” going on. UUPool have already shut down for this reason. I would not be surprised if HPool goes the same way.


Why is that exactly? I hope it’s not because the Dev team told you not too… I mean overall I see the issues with hpool but I also see a solution to a serious problem, pooling.

I mean how is it that the Chia Dev team neglected to create pooling before the official launch? Sure, they claim the network grew faster than they expected but the idea of having to re-plotting at anytime seems like a waste of time, space and resources.

I have to question how it is that hpool managed to come up with a solution from the get-go…

Also, with regard to using your seed to generate a signature, I mean just send your reward to a different wallet which you access from a different network. Let’s be honest, if someone gets your IP address all they need to do is a chia keys show and they get all that info anyway…

It’s all a mess…

What are your thoughts on Chia-Core? They seem to be using the Chia farmer and you don’t have to re-plot…