Hpool or New ChiaPools which one is better?

Is it correct if you join Hpool you can use your existing plots so that you don’t have to re-plot them?
The disadvantage for new ChiaPlotting protocol appears to be that you need to replot them which is a huge waste.
Why should we use new Chia Pool instead of Hpool and waste so much of your work and NVME life?

ah mümtaz vah mümtaz
its a huge topic. ceo of chia mr. cohen said hpool get huge amounts as fee. but after official pools launched hpool can balance this fees. So it wont be necessary to use official pools. I am sad for chia net because this situation look like you have a car and somebody else use it and say its my car. Chia was a long term project and hpool been working for 2 months. I really cant understand how they can not launch official pools. Sorry but this project is already dead for chianet. hpool contains huge amount of users. so chianet can melt it slowly but can not do anything instantly. if they do it will be a chaos.
Also the second and most important thing is about nvme lifes. if we replot 18636 EIB again this project wont be “GREEN” anymore.

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For the long term, using the official pools will be better. You can move from one pool to another whenever you like. Maybe there is a good deal that a pool is offering like no fees or something. But when official pools come out the benefit of HPool will diminish as their pool size shrinks and people will get stranded with their old style plots. Heck, there is nothing that would stop Chia from just not recognizing the old style plots at some point. Just my 2 cents. I will be replotting.

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I’ll probably leave my Hpool plots there. And, I will plot new ones for official pool in another 8 bay NAS

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This seems to be s good choice. I hate to waste old plots which I spent month plotting.

  • At the moment, Hpool - because of various issues - pays out 20% less that what you should get
  • uses closed source software, no one can check what it does on your pc/private key
  • Unsecure against cheaters (the various issues part)

As long as it keeps running it makes sense to keep your old plots there but because they are having so much difficulties with the current setup, i’m sure they will switch themselves to the new protocol at some point and quite possible discontinue the old setup altogether.