Hpool problem capacity vs power

Hi, I am new to pool. have been a solo farmer for 2months and earned zero XCH , so I decided to join a pool 2days ago.
I have 20TiB signed capacity in Online plot .However only 9TiB power in Online miner. And Hpool shows no unsigned plot .Is it normal that the capacity does not match the online power? Or something went wrong? anyone here know the solution of this? thanks in advance

Somethings gone wrong, I have no clue what, I have not used a pool for chia, but feel confident saying your plot totals should match.

you can check under “contribution” what it says there

I’m also seeing a difference at the moment like you have, not sure why.

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In your Hpool GUI, check if your drive/folder capacity matches the plots numbers eg. 1014GiB for 10 plots.
If not, right click the drive/folder and click plot file list, check if some plots are deemed invalid by hpool, means that you need to delete and replot those deemed invalid.

hi everyone, so I tried removing the old signature, delete the old plotting and farming program ,and redo everything
after few hours ,Hpool finally gets to recognize the rest of my plot
however it remains very unstable

Check your logs of the hpool miner… I assume you have a slow path to your plot directories. If the plot scans takes over 5 seconds, the hpool miner will exclude this entire plot directory until your scan times are under 5 seconds for that specific plot directory.

Also could be your drives are going to sleep, need to make sure they don’t go idle.

Also check your used and power cables. My gut feeling says a usb drive keeps getting disconnected due to an unstable connection

unlikely, it is brand new SATA connection
no idea how to ensure my HDD awake in Ubuntu (I am also a beginner of linux system)