Hpool youtubers

More and more Youtubers seem to be showing people how to setup hpool, 1 guy even says you might not have to re plot but you have to give your private key could this back fire to the Chia community if it all goes sideways.

Can you PM me one of those videos?

Can’t tell if you got the pm…oh lol did you leave a comment on his vid

Because of the way Hpool does its pooling, It is possible to take what you have today, right now in your farm, and pool it into Hpool without replotting. Why is this the case? Because you give them your mnemonic phrase. Their pooling client can then farm the plots because it has the keys.

This is actually what some people are doing because solo farming is getting too difficult. Just transfer out all your earned XCH to another wallet with its own set of keys, join Hpool with your solo farm and you’re now pooling. This is how they’ve been able to increase their size very quickly. You don’t need to replot because now they own the plots.


My worry is that hpool looks less overwhelming with youtubers showing step by step instructions, I mean if it wasn’t for this forum I would have joined by now because of no wins. Still holding on to 40 odd TB for chiaforum pool to start.

But does’t it also mean that you can never leave? (with those plots)

Since they have your private key, so if you leave than they, or one of their employees can just keep farming your plots right? Theoretically at least.

You can pop out of the pool and return to solo farming. Just stop using their client. Bad thing is, your keys have been exposed. Which means they can theoretically control that wallet. Any future rewards might get auto siphoned to their wallet. Also, we’re not sure what their client has installed.

I’m not sure if their client copies your plots to their servers in the background just in case you ever do leave. If they don’t have those plots, they can’t farm them.

But if you do go back to solo farming, you can never use that wallet again. So just change the rewards wallet to a new one that you make.

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Ok that’s less of a risk then what I thought.

Still, I will just wait for real pools to show up, as I suspect most ppl here will do.

Netspace is growing scarily fast though…time for those hdd’s to sell out :sweat_smile:

Lol, one of the fundamental tenants of crytocurrencies is lack of trust. A medium of exchange that doesn’t require trusting anyone (in particular a central broker such as a bank). Given that, it strikes me as funny that anyone would handover their private keys to someone they don’t know with a reputation that is at best weeks old, the ultimate act of trust.

It doesn’t, and downloading >1EiB of data off thousands of machines seems… impractical.

Supposedly they never see your wallet keys. Of course, if they wanted to steal your wallet, they’d just lie about that, so you’d have to reverse engineer their client to be sure.

HPool has been around for a few years, though.

Where did you find those videos? I was looking for tutorials for hpool on youtube 5 days ago and found absolutely nothing in a language that I can understand.

ok to pm you. don’t want to put others at risk only use for education purpose

Ooh, secrets! That’s not dodgy at all :sweat_smile: (yes, that was sarcasm)

If you can’t say it in public then it’s likely not legit…

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ok to post it here? i wasn’t sure if were allowed

These guys are asking for your privet key for a reason- there is no pools yet and that “pool” is gonna cause a lot of pain.

I’m always amazed how easy people are giving away their private key and end up with big surprises- no funds left.

wow netspace declining and fpools win’s on the rise with almost 35% :woozy_face: