Huge db version 2

I have a question about db version 2
I did already the update when it came out, right now I just noted that the size is huge again.
It is 72gb right now.

There is something wrong in my db or it is normal?
Thank you

It is normal. (20 aaa)

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I thought that with db v2 it should be smaller

Nope, not yet.

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V2 is smaller than V1, this is my current folder

The db is 73,723,756kb

And it will keep growing, so plan on getting a larger hard disk SSD.

Wow my v1 is 135 GB ;D How does team pi save it? LOL.

Do you think this file need <10M? :grinning:

I have one coming to test…

what do you want to do with that?

Its a 2TB disk, can plug it into a PI for storage.

You could have just put an NVMe SSD into an external case. That $10 thing is prolly also just a case without any memory inside… LOL. $10 for 2 TB, for real? ;D

That thing is in my machine right know and I’m coping plots from a hard disk to it now.

I think you just doxxed yourself in that image. Edit post?

If you read my profile does it not say the same?

gotta love wal-mart.

Sold and shipped by DealWomen | ChangChunYangZhengJiaKeJiYouXianGongSi

Good price though. Looks like USB Flash Drive High-Speed Thumb Drive Waterproof Memory Stick Metal (2000GB) USB (3.0) Drive Data Storage with Keychain Design Pen Drive Jump Drive for Data Backup and Transfer for PC/Laptop(2TB) -

You might wanna plug that thing into a throwaway machine because I haven’t seen 2 TB flash drives yet, let alone for that price. This thing should be hundreds of dollars. Something isn’t right.

I suspect there’s either malware on it, or it is something like :smiley:

Actually, more likely than not these descriptions are incorrect and they mean 2 GB, not 2 TB.

Its in a harvester machine and I’m coping files to it now.

Also when I got it I formatted it…

Also check out this ad from Ebay
High Speed USB 3.0 Metal Flash Drive 2TB Pen Drive U Disk External Memory Stick | eBay

dayum. Unbelievable!