I added 2 times a plot nft

I was trying to use the official pool but I think I did something wrong :blush:
I did 2 times add a plot nft and as connect to pool I used https://eu1.pool.space.
Now It looks that I have 2 pool with different name but why they have 2 different name?
Can I delete one of them?

Thank YOu

you can make as many as you want, they cannot be deleted though
You only need more than one if you want to farm more than one pool at a time, day 50% of your plots in one pool and 50% in the other.

If you just want to use one, be sure to create your plots with the NFT from that one and forget about the other one.

It’s an opportunity to try multiple pools :wink:

well I was in panic so on Teal Tern I did change pool and I choose self pool, now the situation changed as you can see in the screenshot.
It is the same before? I just have to use always the same pool?

Thank you

You dont have to use the same pool. You can choose to farm solo or select a pool anytime. You cannot delete the NFT and the plots are permanently tied to the NFT.

So can I let everything without doin anything right?
Can I use Teal Tern to farm solo?

one question… originally I created the NFT to farm solo and THEN I joined a pool ( first XCHPOOL and then SPACEPOOL)… So far the only thing I did was hit CHANGE POOL button and that´s it…
I am plotting with madmax at 3 different machines with the -c argument for solo plotting and things work just fine

Yeah I also tried spacepool for some time and nothing happened. It may be fake. So I changed to 21chia and maxiopool.

Yes you’re fine, just have to start creating plots.

You can use either one of those two (red reptile or Teal tern) and change each one to another pool or back to self-farming any time you like.
(30 minute minimum time between changes)

so far so good… it looks fine. have got some xch but still not enough for payout. ( just joined yesterday)

where do you find earned xch by the pool?

If you are pooling with Space Pool, the launcher ID should work. You can use it to track your earnings on Space’s website.

I found that but the launcher ID is refered to my situation?

thank you

Yes, it’s exactly what you need to check your earnings from the pool.

And if you have 2 NTF (in the GUI), you will also have 2 launcher IDs. However, I recommend that you only use 1 of them as there will be a minimum payment tied to each one of them too.

in your wallet… and also in the payout section of the pool that you´ve chosen.