I am seeking a lawyer from USA because hoffman lost control

I really don’t want speculation. I’m just looking for a lawyer. I wonder what the punishment is?

1-800 Hurt Now 2

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For what? Being an alleged asshole ? If that were the case, I would have been in prison on death row. And good luck suing some one over that tiny slight. Even in the age of everyone’s a female genitalia.


“Your just an asshole” - it’s certainly a crime against English :smiley:


Hiring a lawyer would certainly prove Gene’s point if that’s what your going for.


Congratulations. You found a lawyer - me! You have no case.


Headline Story

Root Sues Chia Network CEO Gene Hoffman for Defamation

Plaintiff Root is seeking damages in excess of 10 million dollars against Chia Network’s CEO, Gene Hoffman. CNI has filed a counter-claim against the Plaintiff for defamation in the amount of 100 million dollars.

Root alleges that Hoffman called him an asshole. “That really hurt my feelings because I’m not an asshole,” explained Root during our interview. “I’m just a farmer who has questions on Discord. Hoffman has lost it.”

Asking for a comment from Hoff, he replied, “No comment” as he continued to enjoy a light beer with what some have referred to as “Budgies” at a local pub.


Lost control over what ?

You can’t even find a lawyer, and you want hoffman “punished”. Are you a teenager ?


Life itself is an speculation, so… just find a different hobby, because, if you are planning a living farming chia, well, well… just be happy if you at least get ROI in long term. that goes for all mining CPU / GPU / Bubalu…

Most interesting thread on here in ages. “Your”? Really. Quite inexcusable. This younger generation? I get it. Hoffman’s age? Shows a lack of leadership. Frankly speaking of you’re running something on this apparent scale, you don’t stoop down and engage at this level. You are supposed to be busy with more important issues. If engaging in this? It makes me question things. Aside from my points here, I think Gene is a great guy! Hundered bucks says he blames autocorrect.

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If you’re peg-dev, it looks like the punishment is

(1) you proved Gene right
(2) you embarrassed yourself publicly on a chia forum
(3) you showed your inability to use google
(4) you admitted to proudly lying about a pretty incredible developer for no conceivable reason

None of these are speculation. They’re objective fact. If you’re gonna be an asshole, don’t get upset when your betters point it out to you.


If you’re not peg-dev, you don’t have standing, but #2 and #3 are still applicable.


GL with your seek, please tell us about the judgement when it finish.

Muhaaa in a few years chia goes ballistic and some media presstitute will contact your for the whole story to write a hit piece on gene :wink: mark my words :slight_smile: Google will index it, media presstitute will make unfounded allegations - this thread will be for the ages

Nice clickbait dude. Do you have any proof for your claim of the dev leaving? If not shut up - but I will add it to my Guerilla marketing tactics list.

The punishment is the lawyer will slap you with the United States code book.

@root87 did you ever find a lawyer incompetent enough to take on your case?