I am seeking k-32 plot files

hello guys,
i am ready to buy some plot files.
please send your offer under topic.

Are you looking at normal NFTs without compression or compressed plots? More than 100TB or less… thanks

i am seeking normal nft plot files. not compressed.
according to price i can buy until a PB.

Fuckkkkkkk, 0.1$ is really expensive?

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A machine doing 3 minutes plot is not cheap. And the machine devalues quickly.

A $250 Xeon v2 DDR3 machine maybe can do 40 minutes plot. But electricity cost is high.

yes its expensive.
plus i really dont understand why you paste screenshot here.
plus 2 , if you generate 0.0000001 usd per plot i still dont want buy anything from you because of this.

0.1$ is not expensive
very cheap

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You sound like a scammer. You want to buy 1 PiB of plot files but won’t state how much you’re willing to pay?

You, sir, are definitely a scammer. It’s like scam-central here at chiaform.com

i am sorry , am i scammer ?
if you check up i already write about price.
how can i scam people like that ? someone generate few tb after that wait payment. if i did not make payment plot generator stop generate plot files, am i rgiht ?
so am i spend time and energy only for few tb plot files ?
is that logic ?
thank you.

here is my rules,
i never pay early because someone scammed me before.
if you accept chia i can pay dayly or every 12 hours.
if you want trx i can pay dayly or every 12 hours
if you want usdt i can pay every 20 usd.

my current cost per k-32 0,06 so i am expect lower price.
still seeking plot files.

LOL. nobody here want your money go away…

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I offer plotting service for 0.12€/plot :slight_smile:


Message me Mirko brate :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how plotting service works over network. Isn’t the network cost significant? Also we are moving to reduced plots, are you looking for buying regular plots?

I’m assuming some people have no data caps or are on business tier ISP plans. I’d smoke my 1TB limit after a handful of plots, probably not an option for a lot of us.