I am selling all my 358 plots and my private keys for 1 XCH

I am currently uploading to my google drive ( 5 different accounts, each account 750gb upload limit).

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That is cool man, if I’d had an XCH i’d just give it to ya and let you keep the plots - really appreciate the gesture here, wow…

how long you did it , with no rewards ? i am at the same level, and GOT ZERO

How exchange transaction would look like ? And also when you sell it you will have private key so how do you see it

Plz correct me, if im wrong, but I think, selling or buying private keys is not an option, as both parties will always have access to that wallet.

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it’s always risk. but who cares.
chia is risk - to get ZERO after investing 5K…
and you don’t care about it.
but you care about some one have your keys…

Well, I prefer to buy stocks via my broker, rather than from a stranger on the internet.
Both have a risk of losing all,
but hey, whatever works out for u.

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If you buy private keys for plots data only, no storage, you will need a place to store them, but it is safe from theft IF YOU CHANGE THE REWARDS ADDRESS to a different one than the private keys you bought. Any rewards would not go back to the sold keys where the seller could steal them. The DANGER is the seller could sell them multiple times and you would have duplicate plots which would reduce your chance of winning if another operated those plots, only the first submission would win.