I am still at this freaking space.pool

honestly sick and tired of this bullsh.t

2023-01-08T14:40:57.488 farmer chia.farmer.farmer         : INFO     GET /pool_info response: {'name': 'Space Pool', 'logo_url': 'https://pool.space/logo-250.png', 'minimum_difficulty': 1, 'relative_lock_height': 64, 'protocol_version': 1, 'fee': 0.01, 'description': 'Welcome to Space Pool. By creating this Plot NFT, you agree to the following terms https://pool.space/terms', 'target_puzzle_hash': '0x2f2c9ba1...', 'authentication_token_timeout': 5}
2023-01-08T14:40:57.717 farmer chia.farmer.farmer         : INFO     GET /farmer response: {'authentication_public_key': '0xa90f05c17e4...', 'payout_instructions': 'e2244a544...', 'current_difficulty': 16, 'current_points': 26}

2023-01-08_14-56-07 - chia selfpoling

and now at space pool official website:


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Log shows date 8/1/23
Pool says you left 8/1/23

So you left since, whats the issue?

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the issue is that i left at 21-sep-2021 and have never ever joined again

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So speak to the pool.

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I suppose you could join another pool for a bit then leave again - it’s a waste of rewards if you block (that would be some bad luck) but it should shake spacepool off of your machine. Maybe. I think.

Сlose Chia, delete “config” and “wallet” folders and re-sync. It will take time, but the mistake will most likely disappear.

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oh wow i think i got what’s going on in there, in fact it’s quite the opposite of what you suggested.

IF you’re deleting wallet db so while it’s restoring from the blockchain at some point it figured i was in pool and during some short period it logs like i’m in the pool. wild guess although.

and how must i do it? there is no support on the pool

now this stupid pool displays that i left them today again lol

Left Pool on 09.01.2023, last seen self-pooling

Yes, the information regarding your connection to the space pool will be restored after re-syncing, but it will also include the information that you disconnected from it.

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