I can't connect to a pool

Hello I have a problem that I can’t connect to a pool

Also missing plot

look at the pictures

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You need to create a NFT first before you can join a pool. For that reason you need xch

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Coin begging is frowned on but I think most of us are cool with helping a fellow stuck Chia member. Someone will probably send you some coin dust if you post an address. I’ve been burned by the IP lock on the faucet too lol. Another option is to request coins from your cellphone (use data and not Wi-Fi) at the official faucet and it will think you are someone else.

What happened specifically is that I withdrew the profits to the iPhone wallet through an application Evergreen Mobile Now as shown I can’t do anything, and I can’t connect to the pool either

Please help, now I deleted the program and now I’m still building the sync

That is why I ask for your help to solve this problem that I have, thank you

see pic