I didn't get the block reward

Hi, I found block two days ago but I didn’t get 0,25 xch on my wallet.

In explorer I can see that reward was sent to address: xch183rqja3f2ak4f72w9enc88v0788vjp5ns3c2n2sctxpcnewzh2yqtcu2rs
but this is not my address.
I have xch_target_address: xch1cggmwwxnj5zy4v3nfd5pn7r49z70600sd90mlvame86m547x974qqaadhe
in my config.yaml file.

I was only in spacepool, this is my first found block.

Where is the problem?

Wallets can have multiple addresses so you may have received it anyway.

How do you know that this block was found by your farmer? Did you login to your farmer’s Space pool login using the NFT login URL and it shows it there?

is xch_target_address pointing to a cold or hot wallet? if this is hot wallet you can inspect all the transactions in that wallet using CLI (chia wallet get_transactions -i <wallet id in case you have multiple, default is 1>) or I’m sure this info is also in GUI too but I don’t use it so cannot help with GUI :stuck_out_tongue:

You are looking at the xch_target_address in config under the farmer section and not the pool correct?

Was the farmer restarted since the farmer:xch_target_address was changed (if it was changed)?

I know that I found block, because I can see this information on pool space with my launcher id.

Lanucher id I get by command: ./chia.bin plotnft show

I’dont know If I have hot or cold wallet? How can I check this?

When I run command “chia wallet get_transactions” I don’t see transaction 0,25 xch.

XCH_target_address I get from file on my farmer: /.chia/mainet/config/config.yaml.
The address wasn’t changed after restart.

I can get information from block explorer this reward for my block was sent to address: Space Explorer - Chia Blockchain Explorer It isn’t my, balance on this wallet is 40xch, I never had that much because I started farm 1 month ago.

Hot wallet is the wallet on your farmer which you can send coins from since you have the mnemonics installed while cold wallet was setup on the blockchain but has no active/synced client wallet meaning it can only receive coins but you cannot send coins out of it until you set it up on a client with a mnemonic. Cold wallets are used to secure your coins so they do not get stolen from your farmer in case it was compromised.

Run chia wallet show in CLI and confirm if you only have 1 wallet with type = STANDARD_WALLET, if you have more than 1 then run chia wallet get_transactions -i <wallet id, ex 2> for each to check for transactions on each wallet. Ignore any other wallet types like POOLING_WALLET, CAT, etc.

Did you see my comment about xch_target_address showing up two times in the config file? Make sure you are looking at this value under the “farmer:” section of the config and not the “pool:” as it exists under both but the farmer xch_target_address is used for the farmer reward (0.25).

This may be confusing but when looking at the block record the farmer address will not be your receiving wallet address. First note that multiple farmers can find the same block at the same time so same block may generate multiple XCH rewards while only 1 farmer will get the extra something (fees) along with their 0.25 reward. So now keeping that in mind look at the block record and note that “Reward Txs Count” = 3 which tells us that 3 farmers got rewarded for finding this block so now we can look at the farmer addresses that got payed out by looking for 0.25 transactions in the list of transactions while keeping in mind that one of them may have extra fees which indicates that the following farmer addresses were payed out farmer rewards for this block:

xch1lxyy4rluf2qvwnlkrt4q8jneut7mda3f35xnh7mvuyftna3x33ysqqlu0q 0.25
xch1c7nzxmg4ad07ta3e9mv22kxw9lesynp2wpa6zmknca35ffu8a2vsz02pvw 0.250050000101
xch10c82v74s44usnh5p2yrekx02fh43myy7c0ayw3e9jlpglp4q5frq34dsw5 0.25

Search for these addresses in your Chia config and if you find one of them under farmer:xch_target_address then that is why it was transferred to that address.

If none of these 3 addresses are in your config then I wonder if you are using a 3rd party farmer? 3rd party farmer could redirect the farmer reward to it’s own address.

Lastly, although probably rare, if you are 100% positive that you are farming with the official Chia client then you can confirm if what Space Pool is reporting is correct by checking if your farmer found that block. You can do that by searching the Chia debug.log for “Farmed unfinished_block” line which will show up at the time when the block is found, but note that this is INFO log line so unless your Chia farmer config was set to INFO log level these will not show up as I think default level is WARNING.

FYI, EN+PL (Cześć) :wink:

Yes, I confirmed that I have one wallet and I confirmed that xch_target_address showing up two times in section farmer and pool (both have value: xch1cggmwwxnj5zy4v3nfd5pn7r49z70600sd90mlvame86m547x974qqaadhe)

I use chia gigahorse farmer version 1.6.2.giga4, downloaded from - https://github.com/madMAx43v3r/chia-gigahorse/releases/download/v1.6.2.giga4/chia-gigahorse-farmer-1.6.2.giga4-x86_64.tar.gz

That is interesting. I don’t know what Gigahorse is doing (closed source), but I suspect it is not taking your Chia xch_target_address for farmer rewards and this may have something to do with the farmer fee? Maybe @madMAx43v3r can help us understand what’s happening with the farmed 0.25 reward in Gigahorse farmer?

UPDATE: According to Gigahorse readme it is not taking the fee from 0.25 so I wonder how it determines where to send the farmed reward as it looks like it did not take your farmer:xch_target_address config.

UPDATE2: Correction, looks like 0.25 is not used only when you use FlexFarmer but there is a note below that:

When you find a block there’s a chance the 0.25 XCH farmer reward is used as fee, this is a random process. In case of CPU farming it’s 1 out of 8 blocks on average, and for GPU farming it’s 1 out of 4 blocks on average.

Which really SUCKS for a small farmer :frowning:

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Thank you for the analysis


Correct, the farmer reward is used randomly for dev fee when using Gigahorse Farmer. With flexfarmer it is based on the partials and much more averaged.

I know, but it can go both ways.


Same happens to me, I have 2PB Farm, and only 160TiB compressed plots. I got 3 blocks and the 4th one was taken by this address as well xch183rqja3f2ak4f72w9enc88v0788vjp5ns3c2n2sctxpcnewzh2yqtcu2rs I have no problem paying a fee. But if madMAx43v3r is taking my whole farm as part of his reward. That is not fair. Is this what is happening? I have stopped compressing, and because I’m using same keys. (compress and non) I need to replot everything back to normal to get ride of madMAx43v3r fee structure and use a different one. Correct? And this message “full_node: WARNING Used farmer reward of block 2187769 as dev fee (3.125 % on average)” is not at Gigahorse logs because, it was farmed by Chia full node. So… any comment?

FlexFarmer Gigahorse takes a 3%/1.5% fee based on a % of shares (similar to a GPU miner) rather than a % chance of taking the 0.25. So if you want to pay Max a different way that’s less random, it’s an option.

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Relax, you’ve just been unlucky. It will even out over time, especially with 2 PB.

Or as Chris has said, flexfarmer doesnt have this issue.

The chance of paying the fee 4 out of 4 times with GPU is 0.4 %, and the same for not paying the fee 4 out of 4 times.

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madMAx43v3r, Chris22, thanks for your answer, I was receiving more blocs rewards and they all comes to my account. I have resume replotting :slight_smile: Is always good to have a good understanding of fee structure while keeping the freedom of choosing a pool


The last 3 blocks I have won are 3831772, 3833459 and 3848217. In the log only the 0.25 XCH of block 3833459 is indicated as dev fee for gigahorse, the rest 2 0.25 XCH are not shown in the log. From XCHscan I can only see each time the 1.75 XCH is paid to Space Pool, for the rest 0.25 XCH there isn’t any information.

According to the public address of gigahorse xch183rqja3f2ak4f72w9enc88v0788vjp5ns3c2n2sctxpcnewzh2yqtcu2rs and the info from XCHscan, there isn’t any dev fee paid to gigahorse.

I am totally confused and have the following questions:

  1. How can I find, where the 0.25 XCH go each time?
  2. Do gigahorse have another address?

Thanks for your help!

He took one out of four blocks, which is not “your whole farm”. Let it average over a longer period.

That is setup locally, it should go to your address. If you don’t receive it there could be a problem with your local configuration.

Before I farm with gigahorse, I can see the 0.25 XCH paid to my address. But farming with gigahorse, I can’t see where the 0.25 XCH go each time.

I didn’t change anything in the local configuration, and it works always before gigahorse farming