I don't think I can go any lower on these! Now down to $9

I listed these a week ago (April 12) and have dropped them from $20/drive to $9/drive. I don’t think I can go any lower!

Enterprise Plus SAS 600GB 10K Drives

In addition, I do have 2 Dell Compellent SC220 arrays that hold up to 24 of these drives. Willing to put together an array w/drives if you’re interested!

Compellent SC220 Array


not worth the money vs electricity cost running one of these drives…


Two of those 2.5" 600GB use the same power as one 3.5" 18TB, but give you less than 10% of the space. Fill a SC200 with larger drives and you’ll be much further ahead.

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Thank you for the input. I may just need to mark these off as space heaters :smiley:

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These were good years ago, but today they have no space…

For those that do a lot of plotting, those are good as tmp storage set in RAID0 array. No need for NVMes, about the same speed, last much longer, draw more power.