I found my first block but haven't received the reward yet. It's been 8 days?

Hey there. I just noticed I found a block on october 22nd. I was expecting to see the 0,25XCH reward in my wallet but didn’t find it.

I read this Pool’s post about this problem and everything seems to be set up well.

I checked that the reward address matches the one I see in https://xchscan.com/ for that block and it does.

What could be happening? Or am I missing something?

I’d be very concerned about your system security if you hit a block, got no reward, and your payout addresses are OK.

Probably hard for anyone to analyse without that specific pub key though.

You mean that someone could have transferred my reward? Or what else do you mean by security concern?

Is it safe to share the reward key?

Something I found confusing is that the Chia GUI shows 0 blocks farmed, but the Space pool dashboard shows 1 block found and https://xchscan.com/ shows my address as the farmer for that block.

Yes, I mean possibly someone stole your reward.
But need more info.

It’s safe to share your public key, that being a receiving address.

I’m not familiar with pools, but are these og plots or nft plots? Nevermind, just read your link, they’re nft plots.

There should be a way to use chiaexplorer to check your wallet. If the address of your wallet is correct (on the pool side), you should have an entry there for that .25 XCH. If someone lifted it from your wallet, it will be another entry showing that transaction as well. If you see that entry, your XCH is gone for good, and it is time to use a cold wallet.

I saw people using chiaexplorer like that to help other guys that had big lifts from their wallets.

Another, but more painful way would be to check your debug.log for entry stating that you received that .25 XCH. I am not sure, whether the eventual entry for lifting your XCH would show in your log.

Maybe scan this forum for something like “someone stole my XCH/chia” or so.

When you enter your receive address in xchscan do you see the reward transaction there?

From the winning block you should be able to trace where the reward has gone.
If it has gone to your receive address ( the one you see under the wallet tab as receive address)

Have you also done the last step of the spacepool guide? Because that is actually the only important one.
That is to check if the address you have filled in the farm tab as reward address actually belongs to your private key

I can’t vouch if this is true or not, seems wrong to me buy I’ve heard it reported a few times.
Apparently if a cold wallet address is set up, you don’t even see the transaction come and go, it just never arrives.
As I said, sounds wrong to me, but not having done that myself I wasn’t about to debate it.

Agreed. If that is a cold wallet, it will not be in the log. Also, as @Voodoo pointed, if there is a typo in that address, it will not show up.

Although, if that is a cold wallet, it is not really cold. So, my take is either a typo in the address (an extra or missing char) or his local wallet.

The reward addresses I see as both the “farmer” and “pool” reward address under “Manage farming rewards” in the Chia GUI is the same as the one I see as the “farmer” for block 1032828 which is the block that the pool states I’ve found.

However, the “receiving address” I see under the “wallet” tab in the Chia GUI is different to that one. But I AM getting the pool rewards in this wallet. I’m confused. Is it because pool rewards go to the pool reward address and block rewards go directly to my wallet?

Did I set up something wrong? Should the farmer reward address be the same as the receiving address I see in the “wallet” tab? If so, is there anything to do about it? Either for this reward or future ones?

Lastly, I didn’t understand the last step in the pool guide referenced above (the part that talks about using a faucet).

Thanks for the help.

Which Chia version are you running? About a month ago or so, I believe there were issues with that .25 XCH not being delivered.

Also, if for any reason you generated a new receiving address, that does not invalidates the old one. It should still work, but UI will not show it anymore.

The rewards go wherever you tell them to.
You tell them where to go under manage farming rewards.
I’m unsure how you instruct the pool to pay you, I’d assumed you would manually enter an address at the pool.

I understand if you don’t want to share your receiving address, but its making it harder to analyse what’s happened.

@Bones This is the receiving address. This address is the one I see as “receiving address” under “wallet” in the Chia GUI.

This is the block that the pool tells me I’ve found.

As you can see above the farmer address for that block is not my receiving address, it is my “farmer reward address” (the one I see under “Manage farming rewards”). Is that correct?

My receiving address and my farmer & pool reward addresses are different, but I am getting pool rewards in my receiving address. Do they point to the same wallet despite being different? Pool rewards seem to be working fine in that regard.

Is this enough information to spot something wrong?

I have only one receiving address. As for what version of CHIA I’m running, I guess the latest one? Where can I check that?

If you follow the green link you can see that reward went to.


Do you own that address?
The coin is still sat there.

If you follow the green link you can see that reward went to.


Do you own that address?
The coin is still sat there.

Thank you.

Indeed, that address is the one I have set up under “Manage farming rewards” as my farmer address. All pool rewards go to that address and arrive to my wallet just fine.

The part I don’t understand is if my farmer reward address should be the same as my receiving address in order to get block rewards directly to my wallet. Like I said, pool rewards are sent to my farmer address and they show up in my wallet (receiving address) properly. What is missing is the block reward.

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That’s what I do, I have both addresses set to the same.
So if you change your farmer reward address to your pool reward address you’ll see any coin instantly.


I have the same problem with 3 blocks. Seems that using the core-pool farmer changed my xch receive address and the 3 blocks rewards go to their address. The blocks founded in spacepool. This is the address that were paid :

How can i receive my rewards?

See your other thread.

No it does not have to be, as long as you are sure that the farmer reward address is an address that you control. Having it set to the same as your current receive address makes that easy to check.
I say current address, because you can have as many receive addresses as you want, but the GUI only show the last one. (they all keep working and going to the same wallet though)

You have three or more reward addresses you can set in the GUI.

In the “Farm” tab

  • Farmer reward (this is where the 0.25 goes)
  • Pool reward (this is old and has nothing to do with pools, only relevant if you are using OG plots)

In the "Pool tab you have a reward address for each NFT, this is called payout_address
and this is where you’re current pool rewards are going to.

My guess is that if you look under the “pool” tab for payout_address it will be different from the one you see as farmer reward address in the “Farm” tab.

The next big question is is your farmer reward address actually an address that goes to your wallet?

  • Do/did you ever have more than one private key?
  • Did you ever use Core-pool, or another third party pool software?

Edit: there are also some issues with the networks because of some a-holes are sending too many transactions, might have something to do with it, I don’t know

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