I have 5 PiB of plots. I want to join a pool. Which pool could be apt for me 1) Self Pool or 2) Join a pool. I want to utilise the plots. Any help will highly be appreciated

I have 5 PiB of plots. I want to join a pool. Which pool could be apt for me 1) Self Pool or 2) Join a pool. I want to utilise the plots. Any help will highly be appreciated.

Are they NFT plots? If n to, I believe you will have to re-plot.

Nope they are not NFT plots. Will self ploting help?

With 5 PiB, farming solo is at least for the time being perfectly possible. You should get 1 block every 2-3 days I think with the current netspace.

With these plots, your options for pooling are limited, here is a list of pools, pools without OP (official protocol) can be used for these “old” plots.’

The only two that I’ve heard good things about are Hpool and Foxy-pool
Hpool has been around for a while with many ppl (including myself) farming there. Because there is vulnerability to cheaters, the payout is about 20% lower than what you would expect but in exchange you get stable payouts and a system that works quite well in my opinion.

Foxy-pool has a deposit of 1.75 XCH, to prevent cheating and ppl seem to think they are doing good. I have no experience with them myself.

Honestly, If you farm solo and getting stable returns every few days, I see no reason to join a pool at this moment. If your time to win goes down and getting a block starts taking too long, you might want to look around at that time and see about the options then.

I assume that re-plotting to NFT plots is not an option for you?


Great! Thank you very much for your reply. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

You can consider also using some plots in different pools to see which ones are better for you (for example, some NFT plots assigned to Spacepool, others to PoolChia, etc. and keep doing self pool while you are converting to NFT)

Obviously I’d prefer you were on our pool hahaha.

But realistically 5PiB of OG plots is a lot to replot. You lose a bit on any OG plot pool because there are cheaters (yes even foxy pool has cheaters). With 5 you will win a block every 1-2 days so you don’t “need” a pool. That being said a lot of people with OG plots had stale problems that they didn’t notice until they joined our pool so if your not winning a block every 1-2 days it could be a stale issue.

If you do want to join a pool I’d suggest replotting slowly for pool plots. Find a pool you like as pool plot pools are the future, even HPool and Foxy are making pool plot pools.

Likely a ton of pool operators are going to post here after me because 5PiB is a decent sized whale and we’d all love to have you. If you are going to find one I’d suggest choosing a pool with good technical support and a good web interface.

I’m going to post the below as an example. But don’t just consider our pool shop around and find the one you like best.
Example of a decent farmer dashboard


You should be fine solo. As mentioned here, if you aren’t winning you may have performance issues.

I’d recommend foxy over hpool if you really want to join an OG pool. Foxy is open source and follows the official protocol with partial proofs, and .25 for the winning farmer. It does have the 1.75 collateral to discourage cheaters. That’s refundable if you leave the pool, but you will get banned and not able to join again if you leave.

Hpool is closed source from China, no one knows what it does. They are big because they were first, and I guess it works so far, but you can expect to get 20% less than you should. That’s not a deal I would ever take

5PIB classic-og plots do flax solo

Then do some hpool for the dust

if u think any of the shit-clones are worth more than a day-old dog turd, do them too

Right now 5pb would earn u a shitload of flax solo, but impossible to do xch, so u use hpool;

Need not worry in a year, flax will be worth more than chia;

Where do you get impossible from? That’s a day or two to win chia. I thought you were just an hpool shill, now you’re shilling flax too?

NB: Nothing wrong with flax, it’s worthless but I’m mining it too.

Technically no people actually buy it. I see trades going on

Some body here asked “What are the people who are intelligent doing with their plots”; Your problem is u respond to every dumb ass post out of context.

Hey Pot, this is Kettle…

Okay it’s not exchange listed, so you can only sell it in private transactions.

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Wait, you actually know what “context” is? Thats some news… Just to make sure: You can’t eat context…

What about space pool?

Sorry space pool is not on my radar.

I have been using spacepool since NFT pooling became possible and it has been fine - payout matches my expectation and the website and stats they provide are fine. Not really a recommendation so much as an “I don’t see anything wrong with them”.

As others have mentioned though if you are getting your expected blocks out of what you have now you are probably fine continuing to solo farm for the foreseeable future

Umm…might want to look into the estimate code…

5PiB is ok for farming solo for the time being. I would re-plot bit by bit while still farming the old plots.
For those new portable plots, on our pool we have several running promotions and you can choose PPLNS or PPS, join our discord to know more.