I have a cheap external hard drive

I have a cheap external hard drive and I can’t put my studs on it. My disc is 8TB, and an unknown brand.When I put my studs on it they go directly to the error section (my wallet is in French which is written “échec” Which means error. Does anyone know how to fix the problem? At the moment I am on Chives but I also have chia studs and some are working. I would say 1 in 6 times

The external drive is probably the issue - it’s not worth buying off brand HDDs. At best, the drive is a remanufactured or refurbished, and those can work ok, but most likely it’s a scam. If you are set on trying, format the drive and fill it with 8TB of plots from your other drives and see if the wallets recognize the plots - my guess is you won’t fit 8TB of plots on that drive (it is fake). Sorry for the luck.

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I am aware that it is probably a scam. Unfortunately I received it at Christmas, so I had no choice. I did tests and can really contain 8TB. So there is no way to make it work?

Write speeds are a good indication - move a big file (like a plot!) and see how many MB/s it transfers at. Also try to actually fill the 8TB - it will crash before you can get even close to full if the specifications have been tampered with.

Afraid there is no unscamming a scam other than tracking them down and giving the scammer a hardrive enema.

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How cheap are we talking? Have you a picture of the drive?

Lots of small usb memory/thumb drives on eBay listing 16TB for £20 ($/€) - lucky if its 16GB!

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