I have a problem C local disk

Hello all

My C local disk is the size of (118 GB) Program chia has been installed in ti

I have 388 plot Over time discover that C local disk space be full

and process Synced Give the start process but I can’t connect to the pool CorePool

It shows me a message on the pond system (Chia could not connect to harvester retrying)

Now what exactly should I do?

.chia\mainnet To another local disk on the device How is the process of linking and the program on local disk C

Or what is the size of the local disk that fits the chia program without reaching the full

please help

the pic

You are kinda in a world of hurt right now. The easiest thing might be to clone you C: to a larger SSD. Many SSDs come with cloning sw or free ones avail. on the web. Get a 512GB or 1TB ssd if you can so you have some spare space afterwards.

You might remove some files from the C: now to give a bit of space for the OS. It doesn’t work well at all with so little available space.

As a temporary measure make sure you’re recycle bin is empty, run a disk clean up and clean up system files.

Is drive D an SSD? If so you could move the database to that drive, the location is stored in the config file.

Your d: drive appears to be either SSD or NVMe (or maybe a small HD?). You have plenty of space to move your dbs there. Currently, those dbs are totaling somewhere around 60GB, so if you move them, you will have some headroom on your c: drive. Although, as @Fuzeguy suggested, depending how you use that box, you may want to start looking for a bigger SSD.

Stop chia, make sure that it is not running (reboot if in doubt)
To move your dbs,

  1. create ‘chia’ or something like that folder on your root d:
  2. in that folder two additional folders:
    2.1. ‘blockchain’ and
    2.3. ‘wallet’

Once you have those,

  1. move the content of %userprofile%/.chia/mainnet/db/ to d:/chia/blockchain and
  2. move the content of %userprofile%/.chia/mainnet/wallet/db/ do d:/chia/wallet

Make the following changes to your %userprofile%/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml

  database_path: D:/chia/blockchain/blockchain_v1_CHALLENGE.sqlite
  peer_db_path: D:/chia/blockchain/peer_table_node.sqlite


  database_path: D:/chia/wallet/blockchain_wallet_v1_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite
  wallet_peers_path: D:/chia/wallet/wallet_peers.sqlite

Once you have it done, open two explorers for those two folders (d:/chia/…), and start chia. You should see new files created in those folders (*shm and *wal - should have 6 files in each folder). If those files are not there, you have missed something, and chia either doesn’t know what to do (e.g., added some extra space / char to config.yaml), or is still using dbs on c: drive.

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Hello I do not have a local disk ssd Except for one and a farm was made on it

Now it is recommended that the new local disk be 512 gb or higher The type should be ssd

Is it now necessary to format the system and install the system again on the new local disk ssd ?

Or I install a local disk and then transfer information to it What is the correct way?

Note when I do ploting It was through a program MadMAX

Currently those dbs take ~60GB, so you don’t need yet 512GB drive to hold them. Chia is working on compacting those dbs, so no need to rush to get 512GB if you have another 128GB or 256GB handy.

It is recommended to use NVMe or SSD, but it also depends on what CPU you have. If your CPU is really strong (a single core performance), you may still be able to run it off a HD, but the keyword is “may.” In case mem pool will get elevated, that HD may be a bit too slow. However, there is plenty of RPi owners that run those dbs on HDs.

So, whatever that d: drive is, for now is good enough. Once you make that transition, you can check how it will work, and whether you need to get another internal drive.

When you plot using MM, what are your settings? Are you using that d: drive for plotting? That would basically kill d: drive db performance. If you are plotting on that d: drive then either you can plot or farm, but not both.

Actually, wallet db is around 10GB, and doesn’t require too much performance. So, you could move just wallet db to your d: drive. That will give you some headroom on c: drive for blockchain db, and your plotting would not interfere with your farming (yes, your wallet may be staying behind, but should be catching up, but potentially that is not a problem for farming). Although, this is just a short term solution.

Also, you can delete everything from your c:\windows\temp folder just to get some breathing room.

Files have been moved Before deleting it from local disk C

Now what he did after the transfer I made a file by renaming it


Inside is a file named




Now is this method correct or is there a mistake?

And another question, how can I install a program chia in local disk d ?

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There is no need to move “the whole” chia to d: drive. There are basically just two big db files, the rest is rather nothing.

I also don’t know how to let base chia know that you moved chia to d: drive. I guess, you can search that folder structure for “.chia” and maybe something will show up. However, that may not work well, as once you upgrade, that folder is killed, and a new one is made. Although, you can use a junction to point to that d: drive. You can search this forum how to use junction.