I have one chia rig and showing 20 full node connections, why?

I have one chia rig and my chia gui is showing about 20 full node connections. I did the latest update so I’m a little concerned about what’s happening.

You need some set of diverse full nodes to connect to to exchange block chain updates.

Sounds normal to me.

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How many do you want?

How many should I have? I thought there should be only one.

I hadn’t received a payout from northamerica.ecochia.io in over 5 days. Went to their site and it showed I had no pending payouts even though my system is synced and farming. I switched pools then started looking into what was going on with my system.

You can have up to 80 peers, so kinda depends. if you have 20 that are all on your ip address there’s an issue for sure, if 1 is yours and you have 19 others on different ip’s it’s fine.

Your node needs to make connections with the network to exchange information. There is no central point of reference for a blockchain : your own node knows what’s “right” by exchanging informations with other nodes on the network. Having 20 connections to other nodes is perfectly fine and normal behavior.

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Thank you very much peeps! The input was very helpful!! I appreciate it!