I just won my first Chia Coins! 🥳

YES! :partying_face:


I have about 2100 Plots and I farm Chia since around Mai 24. Hope this goes on!

What do you think? Sell or HODL? :smiley:


Difficult isn’t it? Maybe Chia will demonstrate its strengths and become the next big thing in crypto. It’s got potential. Or maybe stablecoins and governments and regulators will render all “un-official” crypto worthless. Well done on the win. I am at 370 plots and nothing yet.

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Thx I also was about to give up because Chia Mining is much more difficult then ETH mining where you just install the software, add your address in a pool and coins are streadily coming in.

Still waiting my 1.0 XCH thru hpool, not confident enough to farm solo with my tiny farm >< chia netspace.

Remember you’re solo mining - successfully solo mining ETH requires a bigger investment than solo mining XCH.

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Just as DMCA, patent lawyers, and governments have obliterated the final traces of torrenting…

Please show me the math you use to back this statement.

I’m not talking about possible profits btw - just how much you’d have to invest up front to have a good chance of winning blocks solo.

To win an Ethereum block every month you need about 2000Mh/s:

One 3090 gives about 104 Mh/s:

So at MSRP (lol) that’s $28,481 to build an ETH rig that has a good chance of winning a block a month, vs a 250TB XCH rig (according to Chia calculator, and using their suggested spec pricing, that’s about $8k).

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I got just over 16k from the calc for 250TB machine and plots.

Certainly cheaper to run chia equipment.

Different calc maybe.

Could probably get cheaper disks than this, but to make it ‘fair’ compared with MSRP for graphics cards I just went with what this said, although that’s not a particularly fast plotting solution.

Ah, k, I got this.

Lol. I just installed Chia 1.2.0 and realized I won again. Fuck pools! I keep solo farming!

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I won my first 2 chia week a go with 80 plots :rofl::rofl:

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Good job! Keep it going and do not join a pool!

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