I’m thinking about starting my own pool

So I’ve been considering starting a pool with a lot of unique features. I’ve been doing crypto for a long time now and got out of it, but now I’m getting back into it.

I ran a Bitcoin gambling site for a hot minute and am the creator of

I have the ability to code a pool but I was also considering making parts of the code open source for others to use. Hell I even have the architect planned out at this point :wink: I’ve been the main coder and architect for some massive projects in the past so I’m not worried at all I’ll be in over my head.

Would you be more willing to join a pool if it was more open and transparent?

Would you consider joining a pool that allows you to mine multiple crypto?

Are crypto taxes a thing you’re worried about?


I have a fairly large array that could be the seed of a pool, but I’d need to trust the person I am starting a pool with a lot.

I got a small pool 1500 plots (soon) but I’d join codinghorror and co

Multi-crypto aspect of it sounds interesting and unique. Which other cryptocurrencies do you plan on supporting?

All of them of course :wink:

I want to start with chia and branch out to others once the pool gets traction.

I agree with trust a lot. That’s one of the main reasons behind making most, if not all, open source.

ok cool. I asked because different currencies have different requirements i.e some can use CPU some would make more sense with high-end multiple GPUs etc.