I need one NOW - "Honey Badger AIC"

or perhaps…

Kioxia LQD4500 “The world’s fastest SSD”

With the MM with us Pro plotters, all we need is a Gen4 500Go NVMe, nothing bigger.
Honey Badger, sorry, but it’s not in my playlist.

Image (this would do, meaning plotting is finished for me, so I’m not looking for any of these any more)

Just so I understand you here - your strategy is to plot using MadMax, temp1=500gb SSD and temp2=RAM, correct?

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The FL6 from the description looks like a competitor to Intel Optane technology. With 60 DWPD it offers somewhat comparable endurance. Let’s see some benchmarks and what the price point will be

Obviously, a bit of tech wunderlust here on my part :laughing:… I exclusively use MadMax… and yes it does quite well on a few small top-tier PCI-e 4.0 SSDs (no need to even bother with RAMdisk) … but could there be some improvement with (Kioxia’s) "1-bit-per-cell SLC, XL-FLASH SCM low latency "? I think latency, in particular, can help even in MM plotting with “less than 5 us reads”.

After all, with this fun stuff… it’s only money :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thought this not deserving a new topic, I put it here:

Some scammers sending private messages. (You can’t block them nor delete their messages on this forum.)
So, be careful not to answer them.

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If you don’t need a ramdisk, you don’t plot a lot, hence no need for a Honey Badger AIC