I need some help getting rid of full nodes

I’m farming on a few machines with a mix of internal and external usb drives for storage. Almost all of them are Windows 10. All the plotting is done with GUI. The problem is that the gui is running a full node in addition to the wallet, the harvester, and the plotter itself. It seems like the full node is taking down the plotter from time to time. Only one full node has upnp enabled and I tried to set up the remote harvesters talking to one full node as described here , but it seems that you have to go to command line harvesting anyway. Is it possible to turn off the full node, but still get a nice graphical progress bar for the plotter? I’ve tried to use Windows plotman, but it seems to be pretty busted (something seems to have changed in the log format that it relies to. Is there a way to keep the plotting gui, but disable the full node, the wallet and the harvester?