I never create a passphrace, can not enter but have the 24 seeds

I have a problem in entering me chia account. I can not re enter mi 24 seeds phrase. They are asking me for a passphrase, i am sure i have never created and i do not know which is. I really need help, i want to restore mi account with the 24 seeds phrase.

You have to know the phrase. If you have created an “account”, you had a seed phrase that you should of wrote down.

Can you not see the keys window where you can choose to add another key?

Because if you have no key present, im not sure why it would be asking for a passphrase.

Just to be sure, is it not asking you to create a passphrase? As in you still have to pick one?

If not then in any case it’s not a unsolvable issue, the 24-word seed phrase can be used without the passphrase.
It’s just that your local computer has stored the passphrase for the Chia app. If you where to do a complete fresh install, like on another computer, the 24-word will work fine.

How exactly to remove the password from the current computer (apart from re-installing the OS) I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else here will know.
But I just wanted to say, that for sure it can be solved as long as you have the 24- word seed.