“I see dead farms” (people)🙂

How many more dead farms after Thursday?

Netspace is already down to 26.59 EiB.


I don’t think it’s the compression of the plots or not that influences the number of farms. It is rather the stagnation of the price of Chia as such. I understand the risk that any new cryptocurrency represents. On the other hand, for quite a while the price has generally remained between US$20 and US$30. A rise during the halving and since then a gentle decline almost daily. Many have lost confidence I believe. I continue with my small farm of 5000 plots, hoping for the takeoff for a Chia which will rise to have a solid base of 50 to 100 US$.

What do we need to do with the farmer rig? Keep it running? I am on NOSSD.

Isnt that what all those prefarm coins are being sent to mkt maker for, to steady the price?

More like DEFLATION on the price of Chia.
After a short jump a while ago, it’s been fairly steady on DROPPING slowly again.

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I have an interesting point. When the global netspace was 30 EiB xch was $ 30.
Now the global netspace is 27 EiB and xch is $ 27.
Is there a parallel relationship between xch and total of farms? I will keep on watching the price and the netspace🙂.
Maybe while the farms are dying, the owner also sells his chia and this is the reason of the price drop? When a coin is sold more than its bought, the price drops. Rule of the economy.

P.S. Also there is a significant downward trend on the netspace of Space Pool.


That depends how hard your pushing your hardware.

The workload is going to double, if you have the resources to cope with that then you need to do nothing, if you don’t then you need to improve the hardware or lighten the load.

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In theory, more netspace means a higher xch price.

More netspace means a miner gets less share of xch. A miner, in theory, doesn’t mine unless it is profitable…they may be banking on future profits but let’s forget that.

So, the miner doesn’t want to sell mined xch at a loss, driving the price up. Once the price drops too much the miner can give up all hope and sell off at a loss, driving the price lower.

There are also a lot of coins out there that were mined at various costs and also the free pre-mine.

It all becomes completely unpredictable

Price drives netspace - more price, more folks get involved and grow.
Lower the price goes, more folks can’t afford to keep mining and shut down.

NOT the other way around.
Your mistake it COMMON.

It’s not an instant relationship, or even close - look at the first 2 months of Chia, for a prime example.

There are miners that “speculate” on future prices, but NOT the majority of them if they have medium-to-large farms as they can’t AFFORD to speculate.