I started with "Estimated Time to Win" 2 months

Good morning everyone
I started with “Estimation Time to Win” 2 months …
In just 2 months I have to wait 1 year now …
If they don’t change the rules, all the little farms will shut down
Why don’t they make smaller wins, but more often in order to interest everyone?
Please tell me what you think?

Smaller wins are already available in the pools. Join a pool.

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You have to add space constantly. Search for second hand cheap drives😬

There are already rewards every 10 seconds, that’s pretty often, blockchain bloat would be a big hurdle, that’s the problem with blockchains.

I dream of a day when there’s something chainless :wink:

Chia’s stated goal is to be able to run a full node on a Pi. Increasing block frequency would no longer make this possible.

Pools for portable plots is the answer. Smaller pays more often. But you have to replot everything for that (:

Chasing the wind in the “direction it’s going to” will “always” be chasing after.


Because the whole concept of Chia is about creating a big netspace, showing investors that people believe in the system and cash out in time. The chia teams does not care about people who only contribute a non significant share to their blockchain. If they would care, they would giveaway some of the prefarmed coins to the little people as thank you.


Just like everything in life. The little guys support the big guys in getting rich.

Glass 1/2 full: More little guys in the game, with more space, means big guys get less (rich).

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