I think I have lost the plot!

Hello. I created 128 plots on a 14TB self pool on early version version of chia before multi pooling was supported. I then did 147 on a 16TB that I put in to a pool farm. Unfortunately that pool farm closed and my chia version was out of date for months, so it was all sitting doing nothing. Quite disappointed as I got no notification of either.I did think this was something I could leave running in the background, but I quess not and I have to keep an eye on it.

As it is the now the 128 plots on a 16TB I can see it still farming. However on version 1.2.11 I cant see whats its doing. I did make another self pooling plot but cant get the 128 plots on a 16TB to show how they are farming.

Commiserations though odds are you wouldn’t have found a block in any case with 128 plots

Would recommend a monitoring tool - I use Farmr with notifications via Discord though most pools will have their own discord/notification service

Is there anyway to get thiis missing hdd with 128 lots to show up or add them no the farm as they dont seem to be adding or giving me the option to add them.