I want to migrate my chia full node from mac to ubuntu headless

Hello All I am trying to move my chia full node , farmer/plotting/wallet from mac to ubuntu headless. I tried copying .chia/mainnet/config/ssl/ca or i also tried copying .chia/mainnet/wallet/db . All for these are giving error after running chia init.

Can anybody help me with exact steps to do it ?

sqlite file format is supposed to be platform independent, see SQLite: Single File Database

So there should be a chance to transfer the databases from mac to linux.
.chia/mainnet/db/* and .chia/mainnet/wallet/db/*
As with backing up the databases, make sure there are no running chia processes when doing the transfer.

For the ca folder i would not even try transferring the keys, just enter them with the appropriate command after installing chia on linux.

chia keys add -h for help.

I’m running ubuntu headless, but still the desktop version which can be accessed from window by remote desktop protocol. Just need a keyboard/mouse/screen to set that up, after which you can run ‘headless’. Still some advantages over server version, the GUI is helpfull sometimes as are some other linux GUI utils.

And if you’re running a server with ipmi or ilo you don’t even need a physical keyboard/mouse/screen of course (happy with my hp microserver gen8;-)

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