I will eat my fking mind

hello, after a little argument with hoffman i want share my idea with you please just throw your idea i wonder it.

gpu plotter working only 256 gb ram and it request strong gpu. after that it request another cpu or gpu for farming chia.

There is an ongoing poor-rich distinction in the world, I think we all know that. this difference was also available for chia, if you were rich, you could generate plots in 10 minutes with a bb server. if you dont have money you can generate plot files around 40 or 45 mins with madmax.i mean the difference between rich and poor was limited to only 4 times (around 4)

right now, if you are poor you still generate plot files around 40 or 45 mins but rich people generate plot files under 2 mins.this technology raises the gap between rich and poor by more than 20 times.

i am not blame only hoffman or chia developers if they did not do that madmdax already did. but thats really unfair.worse is the fact that we can’t do anything to change it.

by poor people I mean all people who don’t live in Europe and America.



I also think that this situation will cause all chia to be produced in the future to remain in the hands of a certain group.


It favors the homelab and datacenter crowd, yes. But I also argue this isn’t supposed to be a replacement for a job like Axie Infinity or other pay-to-earn games turned into - it isn’t the job of Silicon Valley to bring the third world out of poverty (hint: corrupt politicians around the world need to fix your countries and not have blockchain be the answer for being inept or corrupt).


Im not sure if I fully get your point.
I know it can be very painful to be in financial struggle. During my childhood, I lived with my dad who did not have a Job at that time.
It is really painful if you have to select which food you buy by price. If you cant afford the “nice” branded clothes or a mobile phone while everyone in class has a smartphone already.

It can feel unfair. And it is unfair. The world is unfair. But that is nothing you, or I, or Hoffmann will or even can change. Perhaps government could (the superpowers such as USA or China) or the richest men on earth such as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.

You start your life in a rich family, or in a poor family. However, that is the starting point. Both has its pros and cons. And even if you were the poorest man on earth right now, you can make your way. Perhaps not into the top 100 richest men but into a good life. The key is to question your believs. View everything outside the box, look at everything from different perspectives when you are stuck. Again and again.

Granted, it is not easy but it is possible.
As of right now, I feel stuck in my position as a desktop supporter. But m working on refining and professionalizing my skillsets as a Developer. It takes a lot of time and effort, and it is a struggle, but finally, after 4 Years in my company, I got recognition and am able to change position into Software developer. It was not easy. I was told, I dont have a degre, nor the capabilities and yada yada yada. It takes patience. Perhaps it requires trying different jobs, until you find someone who gives you a trial or until you find the right company.

Perhaps, it even requires changing the Country you live in.
When I started out in germany, I earned 1350 (-tax) per month after my apprenticeship. I calculated, that If I saved 50 bucks a Month, I could afford my Dreamcar with 60 years old. And thats where I left.
Now, I am earning 6666.66 a Month in my dayjob (what a number :sweat_smile:)

Speaking the truth, not many seem to be able to pull that off. Most people seem to shy away as soon as they hear they have to put sweat and tears into it. They want a get rich quick and easy scheme. Not putting any work into it… That is why these scams thrive so much.
I remember, when I was in the philippines. I had a discussion with a few youngsters, roughly the same age as me. They didnt have any perspective for a well payed job and so on there and were thinking what they could do about it.
I suggested, if they were interested in Technology, they could learn something IT related. Information is available online, all around the world, you can learn wherever you are and once you are ready, you can take an online job. They were quite interested. But as soon as they heard it might require reading a lot, watching videos, educating yourself and practising, they didnt consider the option anymore.

If you were to ask, what is the best investment in the world, my answer will be the same of warren buffet: Educate yourself. Wether in a school or on your own efforts. Read and practice, watch videos and practice. That is the best investment in the World by far and has payed me off multifolds already. I never stop learning and trying out new things.

That is two cents on the fairness of the world.

Now to the other part of your post:
Yes, rich people can afford better hardware. But even If you had a plotter which plots in 2 Minutes. A 18 TB harddrive is 300 Bucks. That would mean 300 bucks full. In 9 Minutes. Probably, you wouldnt be able to purchase that many Drives.

Right now, I’m running a Consumer grade hardware (~500$) as plotter and farmer. I plot in 20 Minutes and it is still more than I can buy Harddrives per Month.

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where it came from? it was stated before in this forum 128gb is enough. is it not true anymore?

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true but I think that was not the point of the post. 128 GB of ram is still 300$. 256 GB is 800$ Just for the ram. An rtx 3060 is another 300-400 bucks.


Yep. I know they made the point a decent plotter can be built for less than $1000, and I guess that is true and appreciate that. But as others have said in here before, it’s $1000 thrown at something that doesn’t make money (like three 16TB drives would, or a pile of 22 XCH you could be buying instead on a spec play). It’s the bouncer at the door saying you must be this important to enter (or wait in the back of the line while your slow plots finish 4 months later than everyone else).

Hmm. I disagree with that.
Patience is the key. Now, I’m the one who is laughing after these 4 Months. While those who spent 4k on a plotter realize it plots too fast to buy hardware and now having expensive hardware sitting around, loosing value.

Of course, if you are bulding a 4 PB farm, thats another story. But that is 60k of value just on harddisks.

It is kind of the story with the hedgehog and the rabbit. Slow and steady beats quick and in bursts. Im just plotting happily along.

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Hopefully they will add support for older GPU’s like the GTX’s and the RX 500s, 6000s and make this available for more people to use their older hardware or buy it for lower prices than the 3000 series GPU’s.

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thats not true anymore.
256 gb ram relase first after that they will relase 128.

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the plotter from @madMAx43v3r can run with 128gb, the one from Chia (so far) only on 256, but with plans to also make it so that it can run on 128gb. But I’m not sure what the timeline on that is.

edit or what Root87 said, he was faster than me :joy:

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Just my $.02 Keep in mind Chia needs K32…no matter how you make plots…and always has…hence plotting in memory take 256G …whereas MMX required only k30, so any pedestrian 64G PC can do it in memory. MMX is easier for low end systems and HD space. Chia hasn’t budged on their K32 requirement, rather it may go even higher.

As far as adding support for older GPU, is there a point to do this? Perhaps not as CPU plotting can do what old GPUs can do if they were allowed., so why bother then?

Point being, you can get by with little, but your rewards will be less too. Isn’t that fair?

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I’m not sure what exactly the point is you are trying to make here.

It’s not just a random choice from Chia like: “let’s make it really expensive hahaha” No, it is difficult to get it to run outside of memory, so it will take more time to develop.
Just because Max was able to do it, doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If you don’t have a lot of money, then you don’t have a lot of hdd’s. So plotting really fast or not doesn’t matter much.
The new CPU plotter will also be a bit faster and be able to make the new compressed plot format.


This is an absurd argument. If you’re “poor” and have a 100TB farm, then instead of taking 2-3 days to replot it takes 60 days to fill? Do you know how much xch poor farmers lose? Less than $100. You would be a financial idiot to go out and spend all that money on more ram and gpu for less than $100 of lost chia.

If you are a “poor” farmer with >100TB then you’re just complaining because you’re not poor.

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im very poor with my 400 TB farm running and plotting on a 500$ consumer computer. I mean the thing is worth ~6-10k thats not exactly rich from my opinion.

It generates ~150? a month. Not exactly getting rich from it yet. Not even a day of salary in a month.

Although I agree to your argument for the most part, its kind of harsh to call someone an idiot for it. when I was younger, I didnt know better as well. And now (still young) I would still call myself a financial idiot, eventhough I probably know more about finances than the average normie out there in the world.


First to say you need to have 256gb of ram is wrong. You really can’t have an argument over something that is not release yet and you can’t even test it at his time. They claim there will be a beta etc. I signed up to be a beta tester months ago and nothing ever came of it. Now MMX compression plotting does exist at this time and you can test it right now. See some thing you can touch and test. I run both block chains and test on different setups. And today you can create a plot under 5 minutes to use a rough number using MMX compression.

Give it a look

See this you can run today its not vaporware for now. I’m sure the other stuff will come but so will Christmas again. I need toys to keep me busy.


Not calling you a financial idiot. Just saying that anyone who spends $1000 to save $100 is


I buy all my toys with cigarette money (and I never smoked anything all my life) just saying.


Generally crypto isn’t meant for those who are poor or can’t afford to lose money.

Chia isn’t a socialist/communist chain and crypto in general is pure capitalism, you get what you put in.

Crypto has made the lucky and/or smart millionaires and the stupid/unlucky vilified.


The plotting speed is not really relevant, what matters is the amount of storage you got