I won a block - One day after joining Flexpool!

Hey guys

So, I was kinda sick for the 2x expected time to win a block I experiences over the last 3 months, so I decided to join a pool. I went for flexpool. This was yesterday.

Today I check my balance. I received 0.25 XCH. Apparently, I won a block via my nftplots within my first 20h on flexpool. Not sure whether I should be happy or cry. Haha.



Ha, I hear you. It’s a bad look if you’re already in a pool (payouts are supposed to be consistent!), and absolute murder if you’re mining solo. I guess “good luck” and “bad luck” are very apt names. Grats I guess 8).


Gotta laugh or cry when things like this happens


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Congrats on the win (no matter what). I guess the best way to look at it is that you will get consistent rewards from now on. (not pushing Flexpool, this is a statement for any pool)

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I hate Flexpool. LOL.