I wonder what the panic is?

I wonder if the issue is just the price has fallen and this makes some of the big players much more nervous that they aren’t going to make a return, be interesting to see if netspace starts to fall.

Maybe someone is having a go at plotting using some supercomputer cluster and making a plot in 30 seconds? Seems unlikely. Any thoughts.

There is this interesting topic in Reddit about Hpool claiming people can spoof plots using Chia official app.

Read it here:

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Yes there seems to be a lot of panic in China because people wlfound a way to fool the local farmer into thinking there is more space.
Also some claims about being able to spoof the network and sending false proofs back

Apparently hpool also got on the bandwagon, giving the claims a lot of credit

No proof whatsoever being given, that any of these things are actually fooling the PoST protocol though.

There will only be clarity once official pooling protocol comes out.
So, everyone continue plotting and continue pooling while waiting for “soon”.

But if there is proof somehow or ‘large’ enough concern, Bram the greatest programmer alive should look at their codes. Usual practice in coding anyway.

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Why he should do that? HPool should stop crying and use the official pooling protocol when it comes out!

Just to be clear the claims that are being made concern the Chia blockchain itself, not any of the unofficial pool implementations.

They are able to add fake 16kb plot to the Chia gui, which are recognized. Funny, but otherwise meaningless.

2nd is a claim that someone has been able to spoof the network, capturing the packets from the vdf and sending back false positives and winning blocks without even having any plots at all.
Seems like a tall story to me, and very strange that hpool would bring this out without backing it up with evidence.
Not even sure if it is really hpool, nothing on their website at least about this as far as i can see

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Thanks for capturing the essence of their concerns. Yup, more towards the blockchain that pool implementation.

Hmm looks like the original article is not from hpool at all, just some bullshit wechat channel pretending to be them. Cant find anything on their official wechat or website.

So just FUD, but very succesful one it seems

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Yes, though I wonder what the motivation to spread FUD in this way is?

You can see FUD all over this forum as well.

Can be many things, some people are wired to enjoy seeing others unhappy and driving the price down of other peoples property with little effort is something they enjoy.

Maybe they want to drive the XCH price lower so they can buy in at the lower point.

Maybe their expectations were too high and rather than to admit that, they are angry at everyone else.

in short: who knows, but it fits into human nature :slight_smile:

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claims may be true. The network, which increases with rocket speed, confirms the suspicions. Also, all the coins using hdd have been subjected to such attacks and gone to the dustbin of history. I hope chia won’t be like this.

No nothing true about it. Even hpool put out statement that this was malicious misinformation, falsely spread in their name


A response like this is FUD…

“it may be true” ← maybe the tooth fairy is real
“netspace is growing fast, confirms suspicion” ← no it doesn’t, it’s shows interest and investment in Chia
“other HDD coins have had trouble” ← that’s why Chia does it different… other coins performance has no bearing on Chia… it’s a very different mechanism / math

I think I am one of the FUD people you’re referring to. I just want to say that I doing so because some people here don’t have the expertise in finance and crypto to be going into this stuff. I am sure you can tell that from the looks of this forum, Chia has attracted a lot of amateurs or people who make decisions in ways that don’t necessarily compensate for the risks of the crypto market.

Informing people of the risks involved is great.

Throwing out a perceived weakness in Chia’s math / blockchain together with actual data (code is even better) is awesome.

Throwing out false info, hunches, suspicions with no actual data to back them up… we can do without.

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