I'd like a PAUSE button on the plotting page of the Chia software

And no I don’t mean for while plotting, I do beleive I read somewhere thats impossible or lose what you have plotted. My pause would be to pause the plots you have in que. Meaning you could say pause all the ones in the que, until I unpause or delete them. Just an idea I thought would be nice in the software. BTW I really like the software for windows. I’m ok with windows, not a fan but i prefer it over other operating software. Sry Ive been around windows a long time. I had a bulletin board that connected to others before the web. It was 30+ years ago. I was 13. I had 2 13k modems before 56k or whatever it was the best and now i’m old. lol

I have no idea what you are talking about. I cant parse the run on sentence you just posted.

What I think you are saying

→ “I want to save progress in my plots because they are taking too long”

Plotting should take 30 minutes on cpu or 10 minutes on gpu with unoptimized hardware (not >=128GB ram)

If plotting is taking hours and hours you are using the reference plotter. That should not be used, it is just a technical demo and is suboptimal now.

Chose either madmax gpu, bladebit disk, or nossd as a plot vendor.

Stop attacking every one, its not a good look, if you can’t be helpful just go somewhere else!

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Switch to using Gigahorse and the cmd line for plotting, very easy to stop plotting, a single Ctrl C will stop after the current plot, two Ctrl C stops mid plotting.

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He was asking about pausing the plotting.

Gigahorse has one more option. One can use “chia_plot_sink_disable” file (an empty file, so either echo something, or just touch it will do). If one puts that file in the plot folder, GH will not use that folder as a dest. Once that file is removed / deleted, GH will start using that destination again.

With that said, placing that file in every destination folder will pause the plotter. Although, not right away, as it will first choke the NVMe, then pause.

I use it all the time to swap drives while plotting. Works like a charm.

Actually, if you mount your drives, you can also make a plot folder hierarchy similar to one on drive in the folder used for mounting and put that file there. What this does is that GH will not use that path as long as there is no drive mounted in that folder. Using this method, I start GH with d1-d8 destinations and initially mount 4 drives as d1-d4. When those drives are about to be full, I add another 4 drives to d5-d8 and place that chia_plot… file in the plotting folders. Once the d1-d4 are full, and GH starts pumping NVMe, I remove that chia_plot_… file from d5-d8 paths, add that file to d1-4, and unmount those first 4 drives. This keeps my plotter running without any interruptions.

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Mine are taking around 30 - 45 minutes depending on the drive space to plot. I m asking for a pause in que i have setup in the chia windows software. I know little about dos or cmd codes and how to use. I just never had to use it very much. So I am working on that, learning myself before I start using other software. I am going on vacation in a few hours and thought I would just setup my plots I want to run and just check on them throughout my vacation. Hence I started 100 plots so I have 99 in que, now what if somethign happens and I’d need to reset those maybe even reset the chia software, well I could just hit the pause button and the next plot in the que would not start. I’m using what I got and its only amd 7900 X and its usually at 100%, though I only have 96 gb of memory, ddr5 isnt cheap. If i could find a plotter that would utilize my 7800GT then I would spend whatever hours it took to leearn to use it, but I havent found one yet. Not one that seemed ok. I know my bad choice in video cards. My preference is AMD so I bought all AMD. I should have done my research 1st. Well here I am, slow plotting with my CPU and I’M GOING ON VACATION, havent been in long time. So i thought this could be a helpful suggestion for the software engineers. So I came on here to post it.

Edit: After reading my reply, I change my statement to I am already on vacation. Sry for crappy grammar.

Back from vacation and guess what I found my 1st xch coin while away.