I'd like to get rid of extra wallets

by extra wallets i mean accidentally created ones and all these strange CAT shits i had stupidity to turned on.

any updates or rumors if or when we’re gonna be able to dispatch them in any ways?

could extra wallets harm your mojo?

Wallets mean mnemonics, so is your question about wallets or rather plot NFTs?

You can go to your config.yaml, and comment your extra NFTs, but they will come back from time to time.

Also, your plots are connected to wallets / OG plots, and to those plot NFTs / NFT plots. So, if you want to dispose either those extra wallets or plot NFTs, you will need to replot whatever links to them.

And no, neither extra wallets, nor extra plot NFTs have any bearing on your plotting efforts. Those are just cosmetics.

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you don’t understand, focus on CAT shit reference

what the fack are these why do i need to be bothered with this shit?

so now chia wallet show gives me fucking twlelve of wallets ids.

AND my main concern is sometime ago there were talking around that having lot of wallet ids is bad things that may harm your farming process.

Sorry for chiming in. It looks like you have a much better grasp of what is going on.


To answer your orginal question, no, there is no way to remove, dispatch, delete any of those CATS or NFT Pools. Mainly because one of the main purposes of the blockchain technology is that everything is kept/tracked. Once something is created, it is there forever. The only solution would be to send them to someone else. Then they would not show up on your wallet (this is for CATS). As for the wallets, not sure. I’ve never had multiple wallets in my GUI. I have a second wallet (cold wallet), but that is not on any node or online wallet.

I have heard rumors of them adding the ability to hide different things in the GUI. Like hiding old NFT pools and CATS. That way they are still there but they don’t clutter up the display. But no real timeline on that (as far as I know).

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thanks for answers and still i’m in worries these shitty wallets somehow can brake my farm.

You are creating multiple NFTs when plotting instead of creating your new plots to the same NFT. This WILL break your farming system if you keep doing it. If they have not changed the code, any NFTs over 20 are not processed.

I found the answer on September 21st so the answers are contained from message 17 on in the above thread.

You may need to identify and delete all the plots created to the extra NFTs and you definitely need to stop creating new NFTs. You can manually delete all reference to the extra NFTs in your config.yaml. You should have one original wallet and only one NFT wallet in config.yaml when you are done.

I have never plotted under another NFT account. I have one accidentally created and also never used it for plotting. All i did is just turned these CAT shits on in my 1.3.5 GUI and that is it.

I don’t see any new WARNINGS or ERRORS. Everything does seem to work as intended.

although there is one new warning i have never seen before:

2022-06-21T17:05:52.936 farmer chia.plot_sync.receiver    : WARNING  _process: InvalidIdentifierError Invalid identifier: Actual {'message_id': 1, 'sync_id': 1655820289, 'timestamp': 1655820352}, Expected {'message_id': 2, 'sync_id': 1655820289, 'timestamp': 1655820352}

The NFTs did not create themselves. They were created when you started a new plot and chose a new NFT instead of using the first one you created. You must create all new plots to the same pool/NFT.

How many do you have? Is your log set to info?

Forget about my plots. they are fine. Read the topic carefully.

I see those CAT wallets as well. Sorry, I do not know a way to remove them. Here is why I do not think they are harmful:

  • in chia wallet show output they are of type CAT. Thus different than POOLING_WALLET.
  • if they were potentially harmful to farms, i guess any person could do a denial-of-service attack by creating a bunch of new CAT tokens and sending those to known addresses.
  • chia docs mention each fingerprint (wallet key) can hold multiple CATs: NFT0 Developer Guide | Chia Documentation . So we know that having many of them show up is not an error itself.
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CAT Wallets won’t break your system. A lot of POOL wallets will.
If you don’t like the CAT’s, empty these wallets by sending them to someone.
Hint: xch1jq7rs0v45650fe2dt63tdtup2l07y9r7g48ftr52f2rkgzxrcxzq2uwvqn

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I have three pool wallets that were created by pools I used to farm on…they will be always there…cannot be erased…I have been told