If chia going to list binance is that help price?

hello guys,
i am personally dont use binance but if we going to list on binance or coinbase is that helps our price?
i mean when eth falling down xch down too and its normal but when eth going to raise we are not raised. binance listing can solve this problem? maybe its absurd i dont know i am just asking.


yes, of course it will be listed.

The listing is going to be 7-7 at 8am PST

I would encourage every crypto investor to sell all crypto they own to screw the institutional investors who’ve put us in this mess.

The crypto market is dead, long live crypto.

If being listed on any exchange could help, it would be Coinbase.
US investors have a serious problem trying to deal with Chia due to a lack of exchanges that allow USA members.
AFAIK, the only legal way currently is via SimpleSwap.