If I am running two farmers, can they peer with each other?

I have a Windows machine and a Linux machine on the same network. Both setup as a fullnode. The Windows machine is synced and working. Linux has been behind for sometime.

I’ve connected the Linux machine to the Windows machine.

To me it seems like that would be the best solution to get the linux machine caught up. But it doesn’t.

Anyone out there have an ideas I can try to kick start this thing and get it caught up?

Im doing the same and it works
From ur screenshot, it seems to work for U too
Just give it a day.

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Its been 3 days now… Unfortunately.

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Have you disabled UPnP in the Chia config of the Linux machine?

Is there a reason why you’re running two full nodes on the same network? Usually only one is required and the other machines can be set up as harvesters.

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Yes, UPNP has been disabled. Both in the config and the router.
I am only running two Full nodes to try and sync the one off the other. Its the only fully Synced machine I have.

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Looks like its CPU, Looking in Htop the CPU usage for Chia is 30-50%. Its a Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G, But seems like that isn’t enough?

I do have a bigger processor I can toss in there… But wow! This much CPU just to Sync?!

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If it’s only being performed once then you can just copy the blockchain database file(s) to the Linux machine. It’s the same format.

You’ll have to shut down the Windows full node before doing this, or alternatively do a live backup while the node is still active with the sqlite backup API command here:

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Ya, I tried that. But the Windows machine is running a Pre-release version of Chia and when I copy the DB over the linux one gets upset. There must be differences in the DB between versions.

That won’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t consistently hit 100%.

If its not the CPU, And its staying connected. It just doesnt make sense. I figured having a local node to sync off would cut out ports and ISP’s and all that. But.

Update the Windows machine to the latest version of Chia and it will upgrade the database schema if there was actually a change.

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Windows machine is on a Newer version. I would need to update the Linux machine. But I prefer to stay on the current release on the linux machine because that is the main farming system.

It’s normal behavior unfortunately, it’s just slow

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In that case there’s nothing more you can do unless you can find a download of the current version of the database but I wouldn’t recommend that for security reasons.

Windows machine with the Pre-release Sync’s in seconds. So there is obviously a fix. Just don’t know when there going to release a new version with the fix.