If I use 4 threads for plotting, is that only used in phase 1?

If I use 4 threads for plotting, is that only used in phase 1 ?, and phase 2,3,4 is all still single thread ?

yes, exactly only phase 1 uses multi-thread

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OK… it I think I can use 4-5 threads now, I use ryzen 7 3700x, and now only 1TB NVMe SSD available, I will buy 1TB more next week

I am plotting 12 plots at at time, with maximum 6 in phase 1 at a time. ryzen 3900x

I use 4 threads per plot, so 6*4 + 6 = 30 threads assigned on a 24 threads cpu.

How many plot do you make in one day ?, and do you think I can make 12 plots in one day, with R7 3700x + 2x 1TB NVMe + 64GB DDR4 3200MHZ ?

I get +/- 32 a day under windows.

Yes 12 a day should be easy, more depends on your nvme, what kind is it?
If they are the same (and good for plotting), put them together in RAID0
Run 8 plots at a time with 45-60 minutes stagger, 4t, max 4 plots in phase 1. Your should be able to get to 20 plots/day.
Recommend to use Plotmanager or Plotman(Linux) to make it easy to que the plots in the right way.

If the nvme are not the same then Raid might not work well ,and you can run 3-4 plots on each drive.
Just have to figure out the correct timings on the plots to not fill up the drive completely.

OK… Thanks… also do you think is easy to get 9-10, or even 12 plots per day, in i7 4790 non K PC ?, now I use samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA, but I plan to upgrade with 1TB NVMe SSD also upgrade to i7 4790K from non K version, also I use 32GB DDR3 RAM, now with i7 4790 non K, 32GB DDR3, Samsung 860 EVO+1 TB SATA SSD, I can get about 6 plots per day, with two parallel plots, but no staggering