If I was running an NFT pool server. And if I connect alone to this pool. Will I be luckier than solo NFT?

  1. I have a NFT pool server and only I am connected.
  2. Just solo NFT (Self pooling)
    Which one is lucky?

There would be no relevant difference.

I wouldn’t be so sure. I soloed for a while, then I got into a pool and within 12 hours I found a block. Maybe it’s luck, but the same thing happened twice.

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I am sure. Luck is luck and math is math. There is no advantage one way or the other.


Seems like you answered your own question! Happy pooling!

It wouldn’t make any difference. I’d even argue that your chances are even lower if you set up a separate pool since you’re adding additional complexity to your whole setup that you could potentially mess up.

I used to pool at some point. But the pool I was in closed down and then I switched to self pooling.While I was in the NFT pool I never hit a block. Shortly after leaving(like 2-3 days later) I hit a block solo pooling. Then I had a dry streak not hitting a single block for 60 days(should have gotten one every 30ish days on average). Afterwards hit 2 blocks on the same day. It’s really just a matter of luck.

Hah dunno man but something similar happened to me: I got my first block only after connecting to a pool, maybe there is just one lucky pool that helps its users get more blocks and we both are connected to it : )