If you believe in Chia project.. STOP PLOTTING AND FARMING!

Stop plotting and farming and BUY XCH!

It’s a complete nonsense to manage plotting and farming hardware with this Chia quotation.

This is a provocation… but I want to hear your opinions!


My opinion. My pockets aren’t that deep.
How many chia created each day? x price of chia? = alot of monies.

Demand will come when the premine is used to get businesses on board, we have no control over that, so must be patient.

They say lead by example.
Have you stopped plotting, farming and started buying?

For some, you might be right. I’ve got the kit running now, I have enjoyed assembling it and learned something in the process. If I get some Chia thas fine, but if I get bored I will switch to storj or something else, or sell the equipment. For now its just electricity.

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What if it chia price goes deeper? Will it be better to plot and farm?

it’s not about believing chia or not …if you want to invest I would invest on something else… but plotting and farming is just for fun for me


I’ve personally had a lot of fun setting up and plotting. Above all learning. I think I was lucky not to need such a large investment to get started and I got good results (2xch a few weeks ago). I also think that when you do things because you like them, you can change the fate of things and improve your odds.

Good luck in this project that is too good !!!
greetings to all.

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I don’t think I want to invest on the coin that has no use or whatsoever (yet) today, especially if it’s pre-mined this much.

The values of Chia can only rise by the devs’ effort, not us. That’s why they pre-mined in the first place. If they want us to stay on board, they’ll have to do something about it. Otherwise, it will be a flop which is bad for both of us and them.


Just FYI - it takes several months for you to start making anything with Storj. Your node gets “trusted” more over time as it stays connected. You’re also limited by your internet connection speed - you can only fill up your drives as fast as you can download. I’ve been running Storj for well over 2 months and I’m just about at 300gb of storage which is about $1-2 a month.

My point is that you don’t just “switch to Storj” - my advice is get it up and running NOW and run it side by side with Chia. It won’t take that much space at first and you might as well get it running and start earning trust!

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Good advice, I need to upgrade my internet connection, where my servers are, but I will get it up and running once I have.

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First time I am hearing about storj. Looks like there actual usage of space you provide (like cloud storage) it is not like plots just sitting there.

Agreed. A few months ago, a wise person posted and advocated for diverting investments into HD companies, such as Seagate. While I manifested 120tb worth of plots, my investments in said companies have quickly reimbursed my farming investment. Energy requirements are non-substantial, and maintenance is way less of an inconvenience as my 1.4 GH/s eth farm. Will let it ride out for the next 7 years when I retire, and see what happens.

No pool, no joy. What we can do is just waiting for the news of chia BOSS :frowning:

And if you’re like a lot of farmers: and don’t actually want the coins… and only the fiat you can turn them into: keep farming! :slight_smile:

To the OP, have you stopped to think that some people are really plotting and farming on spare hardware and don’t have the money to buy XCH outright (or they won’t want to deal with the hassle involved with the exchanges). I plotted and now farm exclusively because it is fun. I enjoy the thrill of checking my farmer and seeing if I won (I still have 0 XCH). For me, not winning is fun (but disturbing/aggravating at the same time).

Exactly! An excuse to buy fancy hardware I would have never bought otherwise!

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I bought a PC again because of Chia after 2 decades of using laptops exclusively :sweat_smile:

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Thank you!

The subject line says it all. Look at the numbers everyone…

Simple math, don’t need Bram’s brain on this one:

Time it takes to plot + win block = Negative return on investment.
NetSpace exploded beyond belief.

Big love to the CHIA community.

Sonnie Abdalla

at least, it is now surly no need to put more investment on the plotting and farming.
but for the sunk cost and already plotted one, it is better to keep farming as it cost very little for electricity , I don’t want to sell the existed system I built with two month of my effort. I will still keep it ,but I do the math as well, it is indeed much cheaper to just buy coin than farming it even I have got close to 1 PB now.

I read a funny comment on Reddit the other day.

In the dance scene they say “everyone is chewing, but no one is eating”
For Chia it’s “Everyone is quitting, but no one is leaving”