If you could improve one thing about the forum, what would it be?

If there was any one little thing you could improve about the forum, what would it be?

I’ll go first! One thing we did add, which I wanted a lot, was a component that detects when you post unformatted code / logs and asks you to format it as code!

Thanks for that @dchuk.

It’s a little tougher to detect logs, but… please… try to format logs as code! Use the code button (not the quote button! the code button).

no more dodgy for sale ads including external pools that have obvious security risk…
at least have a T&C where they follow some rules regarding private keys

Edit: oh and get your avatar a hair cut lock down is over


I like his hair, reminds me of a movie poster I saw a long time ago

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I second the stop for sale ads


I support the hairstyle!

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I don’t mind these, would just create a for sale section or ban them out right. People might find value in being able to buy/sell equipment, but it would be at your own risk.

Agreed. These are pretty simple. They can be copied from a lot of other communities and modified. Not sure why we don’t have them.

How about a limited signature, where ppl can list their Cpu, Ram, Plots.

is there a dark mode? if not, that would be awesome! (i couldnt find the option if there is, for unregistered users too please)


Dark mode should be automatically detected from your OS on modern devices and modern browsers, but if needed you can force it:

Visit your user preferences

  • click or tap on your avatar at the upper right
  • click or tap the user icon
  • click preferences

or go to



OMG, this is so much better. Thank you. And I have modern OS, devices and browsers and none of them auto detected anything. But after setting it, much better.


Same here. It did not auto detect on Chrome, Brave or Firefox lol. My Windows 10 is set up to Dark mode, and the browsers automatically pick it up (to run the browser interface itself in dark mode), but the forum wasn’t.

IIRC a dark mode color palette needs to be set in settings for it to work automatically.

I think @dchuk may have overridden defaults with color choices here? It should detect dark mode automatically by default. I noticed the default color scheme is a bit weird here as “WCAG” which is an accessibility-oriented theme. I don’t have that on my Discourse at all.

Aha @dchuk I figured it out.

The site setting is default dark mode color scheme id. It may not be on by default yet. But I just turned it on, with the Dark color scheme, and I can verify that changing the Windows 10 dark/light color settings works as expected.

So we may not have fully automatic support for this quite yet.

The schemes that DO work with it are Light, Dark, WCAG Light, WCAG Dark. So if you tweak that setting to on, you should be good.

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My eyeballs thank you sir! :sunglasses:

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Overview and structure needs improvement. Categories need to be updated.

I would add dislikes. Don’t really know is it a great idea cuz it can be just useless button, but think that sometimes it could be helpful

We all know, who ur talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I like the idea.

That’s something a certain someone would probably abuse though. Instead of downvoting we just flagged them lol.

Damn, ur right. :pensive:
He’d abuse it.

But it would be obvious. A person can only dislike something once. It would be obvious when everyone “normal” would have 1 dislike (from that bad actor) and the bad actor would have many.