Ignoring the Troll(s)

For anyone that enjoys the conversations on the forum but there is that one person that constantly injects poison into every thread for no reason whatsoever. Well …

  • Click on their name
  • In the popup, click on their name again
  • In the top right corner there is a dropdown button that says “Normal”. Click it and select “Ignored”

You’re welcome. You will never hear from them again.

And if that person reads this and knows I am talking about them, guess what, I won’t even see your reply so just give up and move on. I don’t care what you have to say.


Ignored forever lol.


I prefer reporting users over ignoring them, but I think problems should be removed over ignored.


I prefer ignoring to start with, they will get very bored and move on to the next source of attention they require to feel alive.


I used to mod a tech forum. I really miss the ban button

So it seems the trolls are trying to find a way around this by making a new account and setting the profile to private (this hides the button to mark them as Ignored). But there is still a way …

  • Click your icon in the top right
  • Click the far right tab (looks like a person)
  • Click Preferences
  • In the left bar menu, click Users
  • Click the Add button
  • Start typing the username in the username field and select them from the list that appears
  • Under Duration, select Forever
  • Click Ignore
  • Finally, Click Save Changes





Hm, whilst I certainly understand the individual motivation for ignoring those people, not sure it will create/sustain a better community in the long run, if we can’t see those posts but others can it’s just going to discourage meaningful conversation completely.

Admins need to go back to actively looking at reports IMO - there are certainly comments made yesterday (reported and now hidden) that would get a person perma-banned from just about any other moderated community, if that’s because admins have missed them for whatever reason, fair enough, but if that’s because admins have seen them and think they’re acceptable - why bother having rules at all?

There is a broken window theory that I mostly accept as valid - in this context the more crap that appears to be tolerated the worse it will get.