I'm in space pool today and I don't know how to switch to flexpool

I’m in space pool today and I don’t know how to switch to flexpool
the interface asks to fill in Fee XCH and the change does not happen. What needs to be done to get out of the space pool and into the flexpool?

well a fee helps to make sure the transaction goes through, I don’t think you have to do more than 1000 mojo. I am not very up to date on the fee situation but I can’t imagine a lot is needed.

Also, it can take at least 30 minutes for the change to happen after you did “switch pool”. Restarting the client may also not be a bad idea

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Mempool is tiny

Id use 1 mojo.

Infact, reading here, i dont think fee is needed, i must be thinking of creating the nft initially.
To tired, must recharge.

Mempool of that size doesnt need any fee.

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