I'm the boss now

That’s right, the king is here:

(crying in fractions-of-exabytes)


:woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face::woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face::woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face::woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face::woozy_face: :woozy_face: :woozy_face:


Yep, just keep that system online for 10 years and you’ll earn… uh… something?


My wife’s divorce attorney says otherwise.


Congrats! A buddy got me looking into this and basically after getting parts I found this forum. I’ve spent all day reading, your build thread was the first. I’m now going through and trying to make some changes to try and get some faster plotting times. So here I am with my first comment lol.

Nice dude! Be sure to post findings, we are all helping each other out.

So far that’s what this forum seems like, and is really good at it! I’m trying to find a way to make a script in windows to move the completed plots from a staging drive to my final HDD’s similar to something I found elsewhere on the forum, but it was for linux. I have the drives, just need to utilize them correctly I think.

What’s your setup look like, both hardware and layout?

Don’t need to hijack your thread. I created a thread in the scripts section.

But in 10 years time this will read 100 years…Lol
But not so funny…

Don’t forget to get your free Chia faucets :slight_smile:

woohoo… lol love then faucets…

Did your XCH double overnight like most of us king @rkalla ? :joy:

(by the way, what is your plot count now?)

lol - it grew 100x over night (100 x 0 that is…)

I’m at 18 now - but it’s all fits and starts - I’m dialing the plotting in, watching all the stats and still manually tweaking to figure out the best configuration for this machine before I try and script all of this.

The good news is that my ‘time to win’ has come down 60% :slight_smile:

Congrats on the massive multiplication of your XCH coins :slight_smile:

Are you tweaking now and later plot for a POOL, or going Solo?

I’m not sure - I’m willing to build another 12x14TB array to connect to this plotting machine. I’m at 252TB now, that would put me up at 420TB and I had a personal goal of “1/2 a PB” when I started if that’s good enough to go solo then I might just do that or maybe I can create a pool? Dunno. I imagine the guys creating pools have PBs and PBs to spare in a DC somewhere.