Import CHIA token to Metamask

Why i can not import CHIA address into my metamask wallet? anyone know please share your idea?
Here is the CHIA address i copy from web :

Metamask is for eth and eth tokens, you cant import chia through it afaik, its a different chain.

Oh. How i can BUY CHIA ? can i swap it from where ?

Your choice

Or though the gui / offers

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Yes. Great,
Can it withdraw to my wallet in Binance or send BTC, ETH from my Binance wallet to here for exhange ?

Each exchange is different, you will need to research the trading pairs on each exchange.

As for the gui, no its not that straight forward.

You can filter by pair on the link i sent, but i know its missing many pairs.

Try googling xch exchanges, there are many sites like the one i found.

Youll need to put the time in though

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I have had some luck with Kucoin and trading in the past. It did cost a few dollars in coin to move Ethereum out though. Also I’m not vouching for them if they hold or lose your coins - I’m not a financial advisor - just a friend on the internet.

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hay buddy i see its ur second post hare ! well welcome iam neby to ! u can buy XCH on the OKX exchange . i trade bitcoin to chia becuse bitcoin u can buy evry where . if u need help farming u can download the chia app and start filling ur hardisks from that application . u can use ssd to make the creations of the farm file faster then transfer it to the hard disk u want to fill . how did u heard about chia ? i am waiting dor more people to join us . any way good u came !


btw have u looked on the premint ?

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Metamask does support so many other blockchains. Just no chia yet.

For a wallet, either one of the exchanges listed on coinmarketcap (like Okex, basically the same as binance) or have it on your own wallet. You can google about how to create a Chia wallet.

At the time of this answer neither Binance nor Coinbase support Chia.

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Ah, ok, i dont use eth so dont use metamask.

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Yes. I did on OKX already, many thx :slight_smile: