Impossible to catch synchronization

hello since yesterday morning French time chia to be blocked I have always restarted with version 1.2.9 but I still encounter a delay of two hours that I can not recover … sorry about my bad English :disappointed_relieved:

There’s a spam attack ongoing.
It will put more strain on your node.
I’ve had no issues at all, but my node is currently on a high end plotter so capable of the extra strain.

Chia will only grow and get more transactions over time so maybe consider better hardware, or this will likely become a regular occurrence for you.

If your running chia of a hdd, definately move it to a ssd.


I think this is the best advice.
(But note thee beast speeling!)

Due to the sheer amount of data contained in each block (spam transactions), your node may have trouble staying synced especially if you are farming on lower-end hardware. This is from a spacepool announcement. This spam causes a drop in partials thus the overall netspace of the pool. If your node database is on an SSD, there should not be a sync problem.

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