In praise of ChiaCloudPlots

The support team of chia is worth appraise . They were very nice while the assist and very fluent with what they were doing. Feel free to mention all your problems no matter how big or how small the problem may be the solution is sure.


Good shout.

My only issue is they are still using Keybase which is terribly slow and hard to follow. Not a great platform for providing support. I couldn’t care less if the content is end-2-end encrypted. It’s not confidential anyway.

But they are soldiering on despite Keybase so good on them :+1:

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Hi again gyanesh :raising_hand_woman:

Only in the case that you don’t mean to have contact with the official Chia support Keybase:

Sorry, but we need to clarify you again :sweat_smile: that we are not part of the official company. We are just a small team of Chia lovers that want to support this forum with the exponential growth of the space network through our promo free event.

We are glad to have your support too! But please, don’t confuse us with the official team, we don’t want to have any problems because of this :innocent:

Best regards and good luck with your farming!