Information about smart contract

Hello, is it possible to create a smart contract like ethereum?

For example I want use this chia blockchain for save the chemical industry measure. It is possible?

Nobody cares about contracts here, this forum is all about farming, profits, etc. Smart contracts are possible on Chia, I have an idea too, unfortunately no-one to help me here to start with.

Learn Chialisp. That’s the language to be used for Chia.

This site is just pure reference to the commands from A to Z, but what about step-by-step instructions? At least examples of contracts? I have questions like how to read and store info in the chain, how to check current “network date’n’time” etc… With Etherium there are lessons, google for “Crypto Zombies”… So, knowledge of another prog.lang without knowing the philosophy of smart-contracts on Chia is still useless…

I know that’s one of the main things the team is currently working on is Chialisp documentation and tooling for onboarding developers. You can join the Keybase channel #chialisp and ask questions in there as well.

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Thank you! #chialisp channel does not exist on Keybase though :slight_smile: