Install or more chia to new path in linux?

I’ve searched around and have found several different way people handle install chia in a different location the /home or /root. Looking for some insight.

I understand what a symlink is, but never been successful with placing them.

Anyone else with a different solution?

If youre just talking about the database?
Then just move it wherever you want and alter .yaml to point to its new location.

See here.

Ya, I saw that. Its an option. Going into a config file an manually editing the location just does not feel as “Official”.

For testing, I did successfully do a symlink and it did work. I don’t know if that is how I want to keep it. I may try this path option also and see how well it works.

I know there is a plan to make it so you can choose the location on installation. But there’s a lot of things on those lists so might take a while to make it to the top

If you want to feel it being “Official” Then just get a larger Hard-Disk around 500gb and install Chia on the C: If your running Windows 10. And keep it simple. If running Linux you still can get a larger drive etc. Just a little more work.